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1f1b1 No.917

I would be very happy to see no porn on this site. I definitely don't want to see nude or lewd real life people on this site. Heck, I might extend that to all pornography personally since, IIRC, pornography was banned on lizchan.xyz anyways. Honestly, if possible, I'd like to just get back to how lizchan was like I remembered it. It doesn't need a fap thread like wizchan.

Just a note: I have supported keeping the fap thread on wizchan anyways, so this is quite different for me. I've missed this site since it left us so long ago. Thanks for bringing it back.

16449 No.918

If I remember correctly 2d wasn't banned. It was just posted very rarely.
I don't mind lack of porn so I'm with you on this.
The coolest thing was that nobody posted any people here, except for videos.
Anyone remember that one time when schizopister was posting cp? lol

65506 No.919

yea I hope hato cleans this place up and removes the warmth from threads that were made years ago.
Unfortunately yes

9cc70 No.920

Alright. I added "No porn" rule. I deleted the questionable and NSFW images on /b/ and reindexed it on the main page but I will probably eventually merge /b/ into /liz/.

If you have any more suggestions don't hold back, cause I will probably listen to you. I wanna make you feel like you're the owners of the site (all 5 of you lol) though just don't expect any kind of immediacy from me.

BTW this server is going to be running at least until March and I will try back up lizchan every week so nothing is ever lost again. The operating cost of lizchan is only 80€/yr so I will probably have the moneyz to renew it by then, but if not then liz will unfortunately have to go down again for a month or two, but then it will work for another full year (unless it somehow gains a substantial amount of users that it becomes necessary to buy a more expensive server).

e66d6 No.921

If you ever run into money problems let us know.
I'm tight on funds But I don't mind selling my stuff to keep this site going.
Some lizards said the same on previous versions.

1st site went down because admin went to army and didn't pay for it.
2nd site was brought back by some good liz but he didn't expect it to host it on his own for long.
I remember over 3 of us told him that if there ever is a need we can donate.
I guess he didn't read that thread or something and after few months of ded he posted on wizchan that he didn't have money for it.
It made me so mad

You can count on us Lizmin

9672c No.922

File: 1600976256125.jpg (33.52 KB,500x250,kh_2004tokage01_w500.jpg)

>yea I hope hato cleans this place up and removes the warmth from threads that were made years ago
Just cleaned up /liz/ and /sun/ and moved some threads from /b/ to here (except porn ones).
It's now on you to make Lizchan great again.

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