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File: 1595552405259.jpg (17.38 KB, 236x335, raptor_rapture.jpg)

b8940 No.878[Reply]

I found one of the old backups of Lizchan back when I was also the developer (I am one of the original developers). Unfortunately, a substantial number of posts are gone but perhaps Lizmin still has the entire backup.

This is not Lizmin, although he is still able to come back and log on to this site whenever he gets the opportunity.

Also if you were one of the mods in the previous incarnation of Lizchan contact me and I will give you back your privileges. Likewise if you were a regular user, welcome back and enjoy the second coming of Lizchan!
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ffbd6 No.1133

Original Lizmin disallowed it but the rangeban has been lifted since I brought back the site.
There is a 3dcg spambot that plagues every chan out there. I'll try filter it and if it doesn't work I'll re-apply the rangeban though there haven't been any other issues apart from that particular spambot.

File: 1569612293570.jpg (24.52 KB, 290x400, e358e28d00ec952fa34df1a9fa….jpg)

cb184 No.804[Reply]

TOR posters will be blocked as someone here is enjoying posting CP. I'm already talking with authorities for the matter and see if they can do something about it.

I'm sorry for the ones who used it for legitimate reasons but I can't do otherwise.
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9ce53 No.877

I meant voluntarily. No need to stay somewhere that you don't like the administration.

File: 1504296659915.png (44.32 KB, 300x100, banner.png)

38ce1 No.950[Reply]

What happened to the banners? I have copies of the old ones saved if they weren't carried over.

Made a new one btw, taken from >>>/b/1
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803fe No.965

Lizchan managed to have no Incels on board unlike wizchad

06fbd No.966

File: 1600553015408.png (118.01 KB, 300x100, banner.png)

First time making a banner

cfff6 No.1052

File: 1603646637311.jpg (84.58 KB, 885x663, 1600198096954.jpg)

I'll post banner material I find here if someone wants to add the finishing touches.

ae70d No.1129

what happened to the banners ihato?

42a73 No.1130

They're back now. (They only change when someone posts).

File: 1616526044585.jpg (46.7 KB, 1128x858, virginity.jpg)

cbd19 No.1096[Reply]

If this is true how come there's so few people posting here? The site should be growing by leaps and bounds according to this chart.
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a83a9 No.1101


7e4d0 No.1103

>better communities

What better communities? Pisschan? Some shitty whiny incel vbulletin board? As far as male virgin imageboards go this and /tower/ I guess are the best we've got.

9d155 No.1104

There are not very many lizards. Most people take things way too seriously online.

c12e9 No.1105

>men under age 30 who report zero female sex partners since they turned 18
>since they turned 18
So that chart isn't for virgins, it's for those that have been celibate since 18. So essentially you could have some normalfag that had sex at like 16/17 then had a dry spell while they were at college or whatever. In that chart I could be a near 19 year old who hasn't had sex since a week before my 18th birthday and yet I would be included in the virginity graph despite not having sex for nearly a year (which face it, happens to some normalfags). I could also be a 20 year old that hasn't had sex since 18 but has been in a relationship without sex for 2 years as the chart only counts sex partners. The chart doesn't also factor in that back in the '50s the typical normalfag would have a stable job by 17 and a wife by 18 with children not long after. In the modern world you finish school at 18 and then expected to study until your mid-20s, at which point you then should seek a job and have kids by 30, so people are still having sex just later in life.

Secondly, this chart doesn't deal with the % of males who have never had a sexual ecounter or ever had a gf, so they aren't potential lizards. Not to mention some people genuinely believe that sex is solely beins in bagina so stuff like oral, anal, etc isn't sex and therefore if you only do that you're still a virgin, and also there are some who don't consider fucking whores to 'count'.

Look at lizchan's 2 main rules - you must not have any desire for a relationship in order to post. Most incels, despite having a deep hatred of women, are desperate for sex. Their entire identity revolves around it. To the incel, having sex validates your entire person and it is for that reason they want to lose their v-card to their ideal woman. Incels are therefore not going to be welcome on the site. Also there's a new rise in orbiting online women, especially camwhores, and the amount of virgin men lusting after them is staggering - like the incel they too would not be allowed to post here.

Now factor in those that are actual candidates for lizardhood - where do they go? Most will probably start on 4chan /r9k/, and graduate to wizchan. Most are going to stick on that AIDs ridden honeypot that is wizchan but those that are fed up will go to other virgin areas, such as 8chan /r9k/, or just move onto hobby bPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

de375 No.1107

>So that chart isn't for virgins

I don't know, it says male virginity on the chart. I'd assume the guys are sexless or they wouldn't use the term. You're not a virgin if you're going through a prolonged dry spell.

>Anybody who does reach lizchan and meets the requirements is one in a million.

the elite few

File: 1601773699775.jpg (8.45 KB, 191x264, images.jpg)

f1a26 No.884[Reply]

Looks like a nice site. Saw you posting on my site's meta board. Sorry to spam your meta with this post, but I figured I'd come over and say hello.

Best regards from Chanroast.me!
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6cdcc No.888

File: 1601781608949.jpg (66.05 KB, 597x960, 708425308.jpg)

722b5 No.889

It's cool guys. I'm the only poster on his site basically.

b13d1 No.890

No, it's all me and my independent personalities.
Basically blog of mine

e94bf No.1046

File: 1602525978611.png (17.5 KB, 206x195, 1600049853353.png)

It's dead, jimbo.

eadf2 No.1051

File: 1603596501752.jpg (100.33 KB, 740x740, Bobby_Hill.jpg)

Wait, so I'm just one of your split personalities!

File: 1602041071486.jpg (1012.54 KB, 877x1240, anak kahard.jpg)

f59da No.1035[Reply]

I tried going to lizchan.top
the only html on the page was "why are you here". Creepy. I don't want to lose lizchan and not know what happened again. I think lizchan should have some other site or way to contact without the email. I have some pros and cons.


-A popular website does not go down
-A popular website is easy to remember
-A popular website like twitter can be fast and easy to access to find the news. Twitter, for example, doesn't require an account


-Regular people can find the site
-Possible tracking on these sites (like Facebook, do not use) or ads
-You rely on a more popular website instead of standing on your own. You're at the mercy of that website if something goes awry.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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57417 No.1038

File: 1602076854308.jpg (1.55 MB, 1920x1080, 0cd9044964c889f4e129fea84a….jpg)

I assume its to dissuade warmies from coming here or it could be like you said.
Before the domain migration a year ago I forgot what domain it was changing to and only figured out the .xyz domain like a couple of months later just guessing it and lucked out.
I get what your saying though and id also rather not lose this place like it happened last time.

f59da No.1041

File: 1602123290352.png (19.62 KB, 1920x1041, lizchan.top homepage.PNG)


I can easily put https en frente de mi url bar. Once you access the site from a search engine, you can just put lizchan.top in the url bar and go here. Very interesting to see a message instead of an error page though. Why do they ban/delete the name of this site on wizchan? It has the same rules as wizchan.


The place is probably already susceptible to warmies since people from sushichan know about it. Still, it's where I re-discovered lizchan from. I had heard sushichan from a wiz.

e8a1d No.1043

Wizchan has a rule against advertising, and they take it very seriously. You must not have noticed.

f59da No.1044


Of course. I never advertise! I'm such a good wizzie.

Also, figured out how to access the site through the url bar first time.


All that in the url bar. It's the weirdest thing I've ever seen. I've seen www required but never ONLY https://. Weird.

d3011 No.1045

>It's the weirdest thing I've ever seen
It gets weirder. After you've accessed the HTTPS once, it seems like lizchan.top just begins to work.

File: 1601095857223.png (64.97 KB, 334x248, mafcC9O5nhKIPWSHT2tvZQEByk….png)

e11f7 No.891[Reply]

I honestly prefer to have 3 boards instead of four.
Anything else is too much and will dilute the site into too many boards with very few users.
I can appreciate what ihato does with the new board naming but I
thought the old board naming/number of boards was fine and didnt need fixing.
Just my two cents.

6a2fb No.892

Then what should /sun/ be merged into? /liz/ or /brw/?

e11f7 No.893

/liz/ is fine,
/sun/ and /brw/ should be merged and renamed to /b/.

6a2fb No.894

That's exactly how it was before.
OK then. It's done.

e11f7 No.895

File: 1601143244828.png (243.58 KB, 450x450, 1580224823484.png)

nice ty

File: 1601059833855.png (226.05 KB, 726x399, trap anime girl question m….png)

8f17c No.896[Reply]

How do we get the old Lizchan users back and gain new users?
Do we shill it on r9k and wiz?

a140d No.897

When you google "lizchan" image board this is the first link
Although there isn't a current adress to lizchan.
If someone could sage post in a kind matter link there then those lizzies who googled it can find it.

I understand that super slow board may be upsetting but it's better than a full board of failed warmies from r9k that seek attention all the time.
Advertising on wizchad is bad idea in my opinion since most of the userbase are incels in denial/kids/people that would shit all over the place. been there since liz was kill

Nobody ever advertised site and in my opinion it's best when it stays like that.

also I would like to say thanks to liz that posted site link on /b. Fortunately that thread was covered by bunch of shitposting threads pretty fast.

8f17c No.898

Alright, I posted in that thread. Seems like there were quite a few lizzies there and google is probably going to pick it up eventually.
What is that chan? Is it just for women? Didn't know there were female lizzies.

2b945 No.899

>What is that chan? Is it just for women? Didn't know there were female lizzies.
A forced comfy chan. For some reason, it ended up with the most visible lizard refugees out of anywhere. Kind of like how there's an overlap with wizards who browse lainchan and arisuchan. Sushi because of its nature while not being for femanons specifically probably has the most of them besides explicitly female imageboards like lolcow and c.c.

82d20 No.900

>A forced comfy chan
Here we go with that word again

2b945 No.901

kind.moe is akin to it but not nearly as stifling.

File: 1600951528976.png (962.53 KB, 778x980, cloneko.png)

7fc7e No.902[Reply]

Try your flair out.
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bcd6e No.912

Plz bring back /all/ admin

5edf5 No.913

Added it now.

2e13c No.914

>Always preserve your post in notepad
Oh I forgot about that little feature of lizchan.
>/sun/ can be new /b/
but you can't vent or be a crybaby there due to the rules.
In my opinion egoistic not optimistic thread about problems of ourselves on /liz would stick out the eyes but maybe only I see it like this.

Thank you for all this again

5edf5 No.915

File: 1600979931062.jpg (163.31 KB, 1200x900, EIhtTNnVAAEbrtw.jpg)

Yeah, I envisioned /sun/ to be where you go to enjoy stuff (/media/) that other lizzies share so I guess rants/vents wouldn't fit there.

And I see /liz/ as a place of discussion, so I don't really see anything wrong with venting in /liz/, but if you say that should be a place for level-headed discussion, rather than incoherent rants, that's fine. Do you want me to a new board? I guess it could be called '/brw/ - Burrow' but I'll let you decide on that. Cause /b/ was called 'Burrow' before I axed it, but I just don't want the new board to be called /b/ and want it to have a unique ticker.

896c8 No.916

I certainly didn't expect lizchan to not only come back but have something new in 2020.

File: 1600635109217.jpg (150.6 KB, 960x1449, official lizchan mascot ma….jpg)

1f1b1 No.917[Reply]

I would be very happy to see no porn on this site. I definitely don't want to see nude or lewd real life people on this site. Heck, I might extend that to all pornography personally since, IIRC, pornography was banned on lizchan.xyz anyways. Honestly, if possible, I'd like to just get back to how lizchan was like I remembered it. It doesn't need a fap thread like wizchan.

Just a note: I have supported keeping the fap thread on wizchan anyways, so this is quite different for me. I've missed this site since it left us so long ago. Thanks for bringing it back.

16449 No.918

If I remember correctly 2d wasn't banned. It was just posted very rarely.
I don't mind lack of porn so I'm with you on this.
The coolest thing was that nobody posted any people here, except for videos.
Anyone remember that one time when schizopister was posting cp? lol

65506 No.919

yea I hope hato cleans this place up and removes the warmth from threads that were made years ago.
Unfortunately yes

9cc70 No.920

Alright. I added "No porn" rule. I deleted the questionable and NSFW images on /b/ and reindexed it on the main page but I will probably eventually merge /b/ into /liz/.

If you have any more suggestions don't hold back, cause I will probably listen to you. I wanna make you feel like you're the owners of the site (all 5 of you lol) though just don't expect any kind of immediacy from me.

BTW this server is going to be running at least until March and I will try back up lizchan every week so nothing is ever lost again. The operating cost of lizchan is only 80€/yr so I will probably have the moneyz to renew it by then, but if not then liz will unfortunately have to go down again for a month or two, but then it will work for another full year (unless it somehow gains a substantial amount of users that it becomes necessary to buy a more expensive server).

e66d6 No.921

If you ever run into money problems let us know.
I'm tight on funds But I don't mind selling my stuff to keep this site going.
Some lizards said the same on previous versions.

1st site went down because admin went to army and didn't pay for it.
2nd site was brought back by some good liz but he didn't expect it to host it on his own for long.
I remember over 3 of us told him that if there ever is a need we can donate.
I guess he didn't read that thread or something and after few months of ded he posted on wizchan that he didn't have money for it.
It made me so mad

You can count on us Lizmin

9672c No.922

File: 1600976256125.jpg (33.52 KB, 500x250, kh_2004tokage01_w500.jpg)

>yea I hope hato cleans this place up and removes the warmth from threads that were made years ago
Just cleaned up /liz/ and /sun/ and moved some threads from /b/ to here (except porn ones).
It's now on you to make Lizchan great again.

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