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Post movies you have watched recently and/or favorite movies. I've recently watched and enjoyed pic related which surprised me considering I hate found footage films with a passion.

Also, the idea for this thread came from: https://lizchan.org/liz/res/620.html. So make sure to visit that thread and possibly contribute.


File: 1516803227126.jpeg (22.1 KB,250x419,80548E6A-A5D3-4F6F-A8DE-9….jpeg)


File: 1516812534987.jpg (31.67 KB,220x348,220px-BossNiggerPoster.jpg)


File: 1516822967964.jpg (22.48 KB,279x402,poster.jpg)

pretentious garbage


been thinking of watching this movie for the soundtrack but honestly romance movies just make me angry or bored.
do the black people die first?
Honestly need to watch this the trailer and music were great.
we wuz gay space travelers n sheitt
cum to free whitey from the whiny
make they butt holes less tiny


>do the black people die first?

the protagonists are an interracial family and no, they outlive all the whites


Well they have a camouflage advantage so i'm sure it's just the logical outcome.


File: 1517781108621.jpg (75.22 KB,400x593,war_for_the_planet_of_the_….jpg)

best of the three but still pretty forgettable


ooga booga


I've only watched one of the movies but I like to pretend I'm on a planet of apes because I live in no morals drug country.


Sorry, what does that mean? I don't speak Brazilian.


File: 1518914656740.jpg (60.44 KB,480x686,film.jpg)

I'm a sucker for these Clint Eastwood true-life heroism films. I don't know why, they make me feel so unaccomplished and inadequate.


I'd rather watch something like Gran Torino or Letters from Iwo Jima.


>Gran Torino or Letters from Iwo Jima

Seen both multiple times. American Sniper and Sully are also really good.


File: 1519438396551.jpg (278.51 KB,630x1200,99.jpg)

If you're into exploitation films you'd probably like this one.


Anyone know any good death game movies?
I've seen battle royal, the Saw movies, lesson of evil and really like them.


You definitely should watch all the Cube films.

The latest Saw film was pretty good if you haven't seen it yet.


Lots of good violence scenes in an otherwise dull film.


File: 1520872818297.jpg (84.14 KB,800x450,3dpdrightfullywearsamask.jpg)

Watched all the purge movies and they were meh, wish It just focused on the creative insanity the population would show than following boring protags.
I'll check those both out, thanks man!


I enjoyed the first purge film a lot. Subsequent ones, not so much.


People may get angry when I say this, but there was an episode of Rick and Morty that was sort of a parody of the purge and it did a much better job focusing on the creative insanity of the population. It's funny and kind of sad that a silly cartoon worked a plot better than a major motion picture did.


What is your IQ?


Yea I've seen the first two seasons, I actually like it but it is considered cool to dislike it.
Probably so high it can't be totaled in mere numerical values


File: 1521069144343.png (767.65 KB,754x734,cartoons.png)

>considered cool to dislike it.

I wouldn't say it's a bad show. It's just highly overrated and the shows fanbase are insufferable reddit soyboys.


I knew someone who was a big fan of Ren & Stimpy and The Eric Andre Show who really liked it back in 2014. Saw some R&M toys today.


Embedding error.


File: 1521221948876.jpg (128.9 KB,1280x720,As-The-Gods-Will-1.jpg)

As the gods will was pretty interesting as a death game movie the ending was mediocre though.
Downloaded the cube and some horror movies now.
I agree with you completely, though the fan base shouldn't matter much until it effects production. (like it has with season 3 I'm pretty sure)


File: 1521260011463.png (551.54 KB,770x470,ClipboardImage.png)

The Eric Andre Show is really good imo. First season was the best.


Shit show


>Downloaded the cube

Good move. It's one of the most underappreciated film series out there.


Watched the first cube and just got the others. Love the concept itself and the ending is crazy, the last guy is a true lizard.
Acquiring star trek seasons, horror, and cheesy jap movies now too. Digital hoarding is too fun.


rick and morty


File: 1524195362308.png (111.78 KB,220x330,A_Quiet_Place_film_poster.png)

Highly overrated. It felt like I was watching a student film.


Never seen it but it every normalfag keeps talking about it.


that's probably because it was directed by and stars that soyboy from the office


File: 1524248329945.jpg (5.33 KB,480x360,vampire-hunter-d-pic-3.jpg)

Just watched Vampire hunter D: Bloodlust and was pleasantly surprised, if more vampire media represented them this way I'd be hooked. The story was cheesy at times but it was very entertaining and good looking.
Even worth watching if the premise interest you and your not expecting much?


>worth watching if the premise interest you and your not expecting much

If you don't mind obvious plot holes than sure I guess.


File: 1525880524925.jpg (46.41 KB,700x300,cape.jpg)

I'm usually not of huge fan of capeshit and prefer DC films to Marvel but I actually quite enjoyed Infinity War's. Especially the ending.


Same. Saw it recently for the memes and I am 110% in agreement with this lizard, especially that ending. In fact the ending was the only truly redeeming aspect of the film, given that Thanos is a cliched rex by any metric at first glance.

He is actually an anti-natalist rex and thus the film is suddenly worth watching.


File: 1526323592861.jpg (233.04 KB,1280x720,X793JIW.jpg)

I just watched Batman Ninja which was retardedly fun.


File: 1529175162988.png (77.28 KB,220x326,Hereditary.png)

Genuinely disturbing horror film, especially in light of the John Podesta spirit cooking stuff that came out (made me wonder if the film was not totally fiction).

About on par with The Witch. It's nice to see a film company putting a little effort into making horror movies and not wasting their budget away on marketing.


I watched Seoul Station after seeing Train to Busan, It was alright If you just like most things with zombies, It doesn't look that great at all but there's a comfy normalcy to it - good to just watch while nearly brain dead.
Nice, I really liked The Witch!
Planning on watching this once I can find a download and am not busy.


>find a download

probably too soon to find a decent torrent


April 9th: virgin Danish bicycle soldiers vs Chad German tanks and armored cars


I watched The Thing (2011) and while being worse than the first by a long shot I still liked the cheesy sci-fi horror stuff, didn't like the part before it ended though - was trying to turn it into an Alien ripoff.
Yea I still can't find one, definitely keeping tabs on it though.


File: 1532516532514.jpg (243.41 KB,1200x700,unfriended-dark-web.jpg)

very normie tier movie I know but still it had a pretty enjoyable storyline


File: 1532534620323.jpg (16.71 KB,220x318,220px-Barry_Lyndon_A.jpg)

I liked it, but it's a Kubrick film so that much is almost a given. Masterfully crafted as expected, beautiful scenes, great music/atmosphere, extremely good attention to detail to the time period, etc., and a fittingly delightful story split between two acts. Honestly, there's not that much to really say other than a vague sense that overall it meets the standard "Kubrick-good" like many of his other works.

The only other comment that I'm willing to personally make, is that I liked the first act much better than the second because it had more interesting setting changes, as well as more action instead of drama. To say it another way, the first act had a lot of "outdoor" scenes of the main character finding his place in the world, between exciting events like robberies, war, espionage, and travel gambling. The second act on the other hand, definitely had much more "indoor" scenes as it all revolves around aristocratic family drama in a castle after he earned his place and fortune there.

Come to think of it, the first duel in the first act was outside by a river whereas the final duel in the second act was inside a building. Little brilliant touches like that all around, I suppose. The narrator in the film summarizes itself very well: the main character is good at making a fortune, not so much at keeping it. This is also another core difference between the first and second act wherein the main character earns his place, then well, you'll just have to find out how it's all lost, so to speak. It's all connected, the build up over time was definitely there.

Final word of warning: it's approximately three hours long, certainly didn't felt like it, but take that as you may. For me it was all worth it. Great film.


>I still liked the cheesy sci-fi horror stuff

I was re-watching Jason X a little while ago. It was about as cheesy as sci-fi horror can get.


I watched westworld and then nightcrawler, I'd say nightcrawler was my favorite just having a good main actor and interesting plot.
It's kinda like American Psycho but less direct.
>This movie exist
That video makes me think of scary movie.
Never knew I wanted to watch a slasher in space, sounds like a theme i'd like.


File: 1533026158914-0.jpg (30.01 KB,244x445,Critters_4.jpg)

File: 1533026158914-1.jpg (68.38 KB,500x698,Leprechaun_4_In_Space.jpg)

File: 1533026158914-2.jpg (262.67 KB,1000x1555,Hellraiser_Bloodline.jpg)

>Never knew I wanted to watch a slasher in space, sounds like a theme i'd like.

You've truly been missing out my friend. I don't think there's ever been a film genre as comfy as space slashers.


seen all expect for critters that shit looks scary




Watched 3 Headed Shark Attack, I think the title alone speaks for it.


File: 1533142869893.jpg (651.59 KB,1920x1080,wew.jpg)

Let's not get ahead of ourselves here.


Pretty dumb film. Definitely made with the chink audience in mind.


I love deep sea horror stuff i might see this just out of tard curiosity.


>watching bad movies out of tard curiosity

hello me


File: 1535344203008.jpg (82.15 KB,1280x720,Alpha.jpg)

Don't let the shitty trailer fool you, this is actually a very entertaining film. Would recommend if you own or have ever owned a doggo.


File: 1535442325093.jpg (99.62 KB,654x447,dogdrugs.jpg)

Will watch this in future, can't make up my mind if i want a pet or not, was given pic related recently though.
If I get a pet I can't be a lazy lizard and play vn's or games 24/7 whilst nude. Tough choice really.


File: 1535511318726.jpg (105.6 KB,1200x870,water-plant.jpg)

You could always just get a plant. They're a lot less work to take care of.


And a lot less rewarding to have


File: 1535590889450.jpg (66.39 KB,470x706,plant_hat.jpg)

I beg to differ.


Watched The invasion of the body snatchers and I like the reeing the aliens do.
True I was planning on it, they like music too. I've just had all my windows shut and have been hibernating in my house.
True in the sense that they don't wag their tail or even know you care for them.
They would be rewarding if i grew potatoes, love potatoes.


A cat or dog would at least be company but a plant? What do I get out of having one besides free oxygen?


>can't be a lazy lizard
get a lizard


free oxygen, slightly less toxic air, and bitches love plants


sexual relations with said plant
I think cleaning the cage wouldn't be that bad at all, but I listen to loud music a lot over speakers, scared i'll hurt a lizard.
Bitches only love chads plants


>sexual relations with said plant

go away Weinstein


File: 1536062817562.jpg (104.37 KB,900x599,image.jpg)

>sexual relations with said plant
>sexual relations with said CIA NIGGER

found another one, Terry


about to watch hereditary, heard it was spooky.
>he hasn't declawed then molested a venus fly trap
>he doesn't use plant killer when she receives your seed
wtf stacies fucking dogs and i can't practice anal with my cactus?


File: 1536261073360.jpg (347.27 KB,1024x680,poor_little_liz_boi.jpg)

>i can't practice anal with my cactus?



Thanks for the original recommendation anon, I liked Hereditary more than the witch surprisingly.
Great spooky atmosphere which isn't needlessly jump scare heavy.
Would have to say my favorite spook moment was with the basket ball caught me off guard.
We all know BBC is superior. (Big Bodacious Cacti)


File: 1536572676785.jpg (4.76 KB,301x168,The_Nun.jpg)

Fairly forgettable jump scare film with some nice scenery. Better than Annabelle I guess.


This is now on the October watch list, jumpscares scare the nips off me though, mostly from feeling my heart skip a beat.


I like horror films more for the feeling of dread and the atmosphere myself. I'm really looking forward to the new Halloween that's coming out in October.


same here, have a good list of horror movies and games. been apathy mode but october will be better between spooks, drug abuse, and the new fallout i wanna explore out of horrid boredom.
I need to rewatch the Halloween movies too can hardly remember the first.


>rewatch the Halloween movies

I know this is a controversial opinion but I liked the third one the most. The first one was good, second one seemed like a typical slasher.


File: 1537437128250.jpg (48.35 KB,968x645,minority-report.jpg)

>movies you watched recently
I recently watched Minority report. Spoiler if you care: the ending is 100% in his imagination from the point that he gets haloed. The prison guard guy said that you live out your fantasies while in the halo thing, so I really doubt that everything would just resolve itself irl, it has to be his imagination.
I also watched Isle of Dogs recently, 10/10.
>favorite movies
(in no particular order) Spider-man 2, Lars and the Real Girl, Grand Budapest hotel, 3:10 to Yuma, American Psycho, and Aliens. Also the Super Mario Brothers movie just for the sheer oddness of it.
I liked it. It was the best "Marvel universe" film since Iron Man, which I still think is the best one Marvel Studios has made thus far. Marvel movies are all pretty solid/decent normalfag distractions except for sm homecoming which I despise because there's no consequences or anything in the entire damn movie and it's a fucking Spider-man movie, there needs to be consequences to his actions. Even tasm got that right and tasm is utter shit. (I don't enjoy these movies, but my family drags me to the theater to see every single one, they'll probably skip Cpt. Marvel though because no one cares about that dyke lmao)
>3d anime
Doesn't that defeat the purpose?


File: 1537700821408.jpg (527.07 KB,1000x1480,Predator.jpg)

Dumb, convoluted film. I liked the 2010 Predator movie better, it felt more like the original.

>Marvel movies are all pretty solid/decent normalfag distractions

I thought Iron Man 2 and Doctor Strange were yawners.


File: 1537719366891.jpeg (13.75 KB,147x181,Steve_Ditko_HS_Yearbook.jpeg)

Oh yeah, I forgot about Iron man 2. I thought Doctor Strange was alright, but the special effects were too dark and it was just a carbon copy of Iron man's story. It's a shame because the comic was so vibrant and creative and the movie didn't live up to that. Ditko was a genius, and Marvel just piggybacked off of his creation making a crude copy of it.
(Steve Ditko was a lizard before it was cool, guy never went in public or anything. He didn't even get any money off of any Marvel movies with his characters. He died earlier this year alone in his apartment, RIP.)


Doctor Strange didn't really seem like a comic book that needed of been made into a film. I found myself feeling bored halfway through watching it. Interesting to find out about the creator was our guy though.


I just watched the original Predator, but it seemed a pretty bland 80's action movie. Does the new film do it any better?

I finished Taxi Driver, which was brilliant. Anyone know similar films to it, in which the protagonist is a loner fed up with the world?


>pretty bland 80's action movie

nothing about the film is bland

>new film do it any better

I didn't care for the one that just came out but maybe you'll like it. It shoves all kinds of bizarre things into the storyline while the original tried to be a more polished and coherent film.


Oh shit i just watched taxi driver too, just as good as people claim.
Don't know any similar films other than drive and that's the softcore version.


>nothing about the film is bland
That's open to interpretation, but whatever.

Thanks anyways, I'll check out Drive.


Decent Halloween slasher, can't think of any major complaints about the film. Hated the main characters but that just made it all the more enjoyable to watch them suffer.

They didn't mess up the story by getting too deep into the killers background, keeping things open to interpretation like all good horror films should.


Will check this out!

Can some lizanons rec me some good horror movies, or other media? Getting the feeling I should be a lot more anxious and horrified in October but know it's all the same.
Going to rewatch the Halloween movies and this one so far.


You should check out Sinister. Probably one of the best horror films to come out this decade.

If you're looking for some classics, Carnival of Souls, Suspiria and The Legend of Hell House are all really good.


>Carnival of Souls
I watched that from the last movie thread, i'll check these things out liz, seems like good taste to me


Just watched a lot I'll try to do mini reviews w/o visible spoilers.
Going to watch a lot more hopefully.

Videodrome: A very interesting story/commentary on how technology can/could effect us. It seems more relevant than ever with the internet around now.
Circle: A mediocre twist on a battle royal scenario, I liked it enough to finish it but the ending was interesting and a let down at the same time.
The Belko Experiment: A better twist on a battle royal that made me want to watch more.
Halloween: I can see why it was so popular, the filler shots are comfy, if you're a liz you probably root for the antagonist, very little jump scares make room for the building of actual tension.
28 Days Later…: Ultra comfy zombie movie, the end gets a little less believable but is still enjoyable.
28 Weeks Later: Way more dramatized than the first, less believeable scenarios, still kept me interested and had some cool locations and scenes. The intro was the best part.
Halloween II: so off the bat I don't like how the antagonist "dodges threats" but I can't bring myself to dislike it as it's at least a comfy slasher.
Dawn of the Dead: It ditched a realistic approach to make a spectacle of a story, which was ultimately enjoyable, reminded me of the books I'd write as a kid.
Day of the Dead: A very comfy movie, it can seem to drag on half way through but it builds up into a very good climax, the zombies are looked into more than just as target practice, and there are some good gory scenes throughout.


now this is a comfy liz halloween movie marathon review post. Cheers lad, keep em coming



Cronenberg's one of my favorite directors. If you liked Videodrome you'll probably like his other horror film The Brood.


>28 Days Later
Recently watched that, I'd recommend it to anyone that hasn't seen it. It's surprisingly artsy for a zombie film.


Thanks liz, will do have only watched two others at the moment.
Just downloaded it and will watch.
Yea I've always loved zombie media so I'm biased but It's definitely one of the best movies on them imo.


File: 1540104780519.jpg (15.78 KB,220x348,Halloween_(2018).jpg)

Nice sequel to the 78 film. Michael was exactly as cold and cruel as I was expecting and the film didn't feel formulaic like Halloween II.

Could of gone without the snark humour but at least it wasn't constant like in the Predator remake.


I thought this was a remake of the original, I'll have to download this you have me intrigued.


>remake of the original

There were a few callbacks to the original but for the most part it was its own film.

>download this

Considering it came out yesterday you'll probably have a hard time finding a decent torrent now.


Nice I just recently watched the first two but noticed the following ones were rated a lot worse, I'll probably still watch them though.
>hard time finding a decent torrent now.
Yea I'm still waiting on non-cam rips of hellfest and now this, i'm a semi-patient liz though.


>noticed the following ones

Halloween III is a real fun October film. No Michael but still entertaining.

>i'm a semi-patient liz

You could always go and watch these films in the theater you know.


>Halloween III is a real fun, No Michael but still entertaining
That sounds good a mixup would be fun.
>watch these films in the theater you know.
But that would require my acquisition of a drivers license and a cessation of my agoraphobic tendencies.
Home theaters are the future flip the warms!


>require my acquisition of a drivers license

They won't ask to see your drivers license when you go to the theater.

>Home theaters are the future

Films like Halloween are good to watch on the big screen, so long as there aren't too many normies in the theater.


File: 1540331543643.jpg (196.72 KB,1028x613,window.jpg)

>They won't ask to see your drivers license when you go to the theater.
Yea I live in a small town with no theaters though, and have no friends or family to drive me.
>Films like Halloween are good to watch on the big screen
I have a big screen, significantly less big than a theater screen though. Decent speakers atleast.
Those are the only things I've invested in other than my pc though.


>small town with no theaters


>I have a big screen, significantly less big than a theater screen though.

I'll usually do the same thing if I'm watching a film at home. I junked my old tv and bought a new one just so I could hook up hdmi to my computer and watch movies on it. I'm too cheap for netflix.


Only watched 4 this time so far. I was watching the brood but my power shut off and haven't watched a movie since.

Shaun of the Dead: British zombie comedy that's really great when you force yourself to disregard the protags thirstiness.
Kill List: A british hitman horror movie that slowly builds towards a comfily brutal climax with a plot that keeps you interested.
Friday the 13th: Seemingly low budget camp slasher with a comfy atmosphere, I'm not sure why but it seemed like time flew by while watching it.
American Animals: A heist movie that reminds me of a Tarantino movie, I liked it more than the others.
Interesting characters and plot progression.
Yea netflix is pretty bad cost effectively imo. I bought a 6 tb drive for anime / movies and am running out of space already though.


>Friday the 13th

I've watched most of the series recently. I thought Part 2 and The Final Chapter were the best.

>6 tb

That's some serious video hording.


File: 1541856997693.jpg (21.17 KB,206x305,sisters-brothers.jpg)

Great but sadly ignored film. Has the kind of dark humour I usually enjoy mixed into a western setting.


File: 1542133860431.jpg (72.78 KB,1281x534,mpv-shot0001.jpg)

Finally got around to watching the entire Lord of the Rings Trilogy Extended Version, previously only seen the theatrical version growing up. It was kind of hard finding time for all the approx. 11 hours of the extended trilogy, but goddamn what a ride. I highly recommend it as it is much more faithful to the book and is overall just more content, more meaning, more lore. Overall the films are just so comfy, and the story, effects, everything still holds up strong. Truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience, fellow reptilianons

God bless the Internet for making stuff like this available to poorfags like myself


File: 1542518332897.webm (2.22 MB,624x352,woopwoop.webm)

Watched Aurora (source of webm). Didn't think it was as good as the directors earlier work like The Death of Mr.Lazaruscu, but the minimalist/realist style with a touch of subdued black comedy made it a comfy watch anyways. Apparently it was the directors response to films like taxidriver where the violence is justified with all sorts of narrative devices like voice overs and such.

Also got around to watching Come and See. Tried to watch it a few times before, but the first ~30 minutes always put me off. Apparently it was filmed in chronological order, and the main actor was chosen for his lack of professional experience. It does show in the earlier parts where some of the actors over-emote like they are more used to being on a stage, rather than film, and some of the early shots feel a bit odd directorally. That said after the first 30-40 minutes the film really picks up. The scenes near the finale were quite amazing for how charged they were.


File: 1542687322328-0.jpg (23.51 KB,345x500,MV5BMjEzOTA0NDcxM15BMl5Ban….jpg)

File: 1542687322328-1.jpg (106.1 KB,1000x667,gemide_1667895.jpg)

This is my favorite film from my country. It's a story about how the small and cozy lives of 4 sailors get ruined after one of them kidnaps a prostitute from some pimps. The whole thing flows out like a Chekhov story, it's grim yet undeniably realistic. I recommend getting the subs for it in English and downloading the remastered version from YouTube. (Just search "Gemide HD" on YT)

There's also another film in this storyline called "Laleli'de Bir Azize" It tells the story from the pimps' perspective. Highly recommended as well.


>The scenes near the finale

Those scenes were almost dizzying with the carnage that was shown. The German unit was based on the actual Dirlewanger Brigade and if you read up on the Brigade that was the kind of dirt they were up to throughout the war.


Fantastic film. This scene is one of many that really stuck with me, but thematically the whole thing is as brutally honest as it is satisfying to see him continue until the harsh end. Also made me realize how worse things have probably gotten in LA since then, just absolutely disgusting. A sad kind of movie in a way, but the kind of sad where you feel as if it expresses extremely relatable truths that make it all worth it.

Would recommend, definitely check out Falling Down (1993).


I watched them over the course of 3 days (a movie per day) and its one of my comfiest memories. The soundtrack really adds to the atmosphere. God damn, the march of the ents upon Isengard is one of the greatest scenes in the trology


File: 1543332156413.jpg (1.11 MB,2170x3200,image.jpg)

Saw this the other night, the beginning wedding scenes kind of dragged on a bit, but there's a few Vietnam scenes that were some of the most tense and gripping pieces of Cinema ever recorded. Seriously they were intense, like holy shit. Overall great film and chilling metaphor if you can stomach the 3 hours with peak Robert De Niro and Christopher Walken.

Definitely up there in the "War is Hell" genre alongside Apocalypse Now, Platoon, and Full Metal Jacket if you're into that kind of thing.


>Robert De Niro and Christopher Walken

Robert De Niro is a dickhead but Christopher Walken I like.

>"War is Hell" genre alongside Apocalypse Now, Platoon, and Full Metal Jacket

I would add The Thin Red Line to that list.


File: 1543827138292.webm (4.28 MB,640x358,cabbie.webm)

>Di niro is a dickhead
Any particular reason you say that? I've liked what little I've seen him in


I watched The Ballad of Buster Scruggs and really liked it.
The last act, and the middle one dragged on a bit but a great nu-western film that doesn't take itself to seriously.


File: 1543894603735.jpg (82.36 KB,634x852,disgusting.jpg)

He's a one note actor (cop and mobster) with a bad attitude (orange man bad) and a disgusting family.


You'd be singing his praises if he supported Trump…


File: 1543984664228.jpg (60.98 KB,576x556,1523396230771.jpg)

>cop and mobster
He wasn't those things in Raging Bull or Taxi Driver. Maybe he plays those parts these days though.
What kind of a dumbfuck argument is this? If he doesn't like a person in part because of his retarded politics, of course he'd like him more if the guy's politics were more in line with his own. That goes without saying. Besides, even on the other side of the spectrum, if he constantly sucked Trump's dick, it doesn't excuse the mulatto family and one-trick pony arguments. You dumb nigger, all you did was restate what he said but >implied that there was something wrong with it.


It's not that. It's more that he is way over the top with his Trump hate. The guy's hysterical.

>He wasn't those things

By and large those are the roles that he plays. And that's how I see him, no matter what movies he's in.


>By and large those are the roles that he plays.
Can't argue with that. I haven't noticed a pattern of those roles but I'm no film buff. His voice is very "cop and mobster-ey" though.
How do people agree with this kind of thing? To the point that they call it "slamming" Donald Trump. I don't even like Trump that much but his opposition is so often downright retarded.
>he tawlks how he wahnts to punch people in deh fayce
>ied laik tah punch him in deh fayce
Even a blithering warmie knows that this is incredibly hypocritical and unfunnily so. It just comes off as thumbing his nose to Trump as smugly as he can.


File: 1544063752669.jpg (31.62 KB,720x405,TDS.jpg)

>How do people agree with this kind of thing?

they have TDS


Thread has been taken over by poltards. Stay on topic


File: 1544623669777.jpg (161.46 KB,1024x576,71ea584e077570028d097d745a….jpg)

I watched Pandorum and was really surprised. If you like sci-fi horror, especially dead space I feel like you'll really like this movie.
It doesn't have the most realistic ending or premise but if you can suspend your disbelief and just watch a tale it's a good experience.
I also watched Full Metal Jacket and I could relate a great deal to Pvt. Pyle after the first part of the movie flew past.
The second half seemed like a modern take of starship troopers, and had some good camera work and acting.


Even though it was panned by critics and did poorly in the box office I still thought Pandorum was a good film.

I found the second half of Full Metal Jacket to be a bit lackluster.


Watched Trier's "The House That Jack Built" as a rip is now available on streaming sites. Not at all like expected. I thought it would be much darker because of the press it had gotten to that effect. Unfortunately I found it was overstated. Instead of being overwhelmingly disgusting or disturbing it's mostly a black cringe comedy with pretentious voice overs and stock footage. Imagine if "Man Bites Dog" was made with an OCD Bateman as the protag and was inter-spliced with some freshmen film major's final project . At points it was hard to watch, but only because of how (deliberately) awkward the characters acted. The ending was also incredibly bizarre.

That said, I did like the main actor's performance in the actual scenes. His voice was nice, and his deadpan added to the comedy bits well. All in all 6/10 for the main non voice-over bits, 3/10 for the stockfootage and voice over, and ?/10 for the bargain bin green screen ending.


File: 1545436529798.jpg (29.77 KB,314x445,An-Innocent-Man.jpg)

Pretty by the numbers film but worth watching to see Tom Selleck confront his prison bully.


Just watched Vice in theaters, and hoooleee hell, whatta trip. I'm still high off of those early 2000s political fumes. I know that it's not exactly historically accurate because of the lack of records, and it's definitely a left-leaning film, but everything, fucking EVERYTHING that the director does to make Dick Cheney look bad makes him look damned good. The film manages to give a good excuse for fucking datamining of all things. It's so heavily fucking stylized and shit too, it's basically a film student's wet dream with all the symbolism and shit. All of the impressions are spot-on, and the ending was fucking perfect both the speech Cheney gives and the after-credits bit with the liberal and conservative satire characters. The whole movie is a lizard's rise to political power, no amount of lefty political jewerey can make that look bad.
And the fucking acting holy shit.
>Christian Bale is fucking perfect
>Steve Carell is fucking perfect
>Sam Rockwell is fucking perfect
All in all, great goddamn movie. I'll admit I only went to see it because of Christian Bale, but I was surprised to find that the director was the same guy that stole Ant-Man from Edgar Wright. I don't know about other lizards, but I was incredibly let down by that, but damn if this hasn't proven that Marvel movies have no creativity allowed I don't know what does.


Look at his lizardly fucking face. 10 outta fucking 10. Dick Cheney is one scary bastard and this movie depicted him perfectly.


File: 1547289862187.jpeg (34.25 KB,535x469,dr-giggles.jpeg)

Surprisingly decent 90s horror film, a decade that was lacking good horror films. Could of used less puns but other than that it was a fun watch. I especially liked the opening scene.


This movie was a absolutely awful. The acting was bad, the special effects were cheesy and the characters lacked any development. And I loved every minute of it! If anyone in here is into B movies, you will love this movie to death.


Akira (1988):
A film that needs no introduction. The animation is fluid and the story line kept me hooked until the very end. And just something to think about: the film takes place in 2019. Let that sink in.


Interesting, I had planned to watch this for the first time this weekend (late to the party I know). Funny coincidence.


>late to the party I know
Actually, this movie is getting popular again so I would say you're right on time.


File: 1548407554976.gif (880.59 KB,1x1,j0xG5HY.gif)

Finally got around to watching The Raid and was entertained the whole time, some fights are drawn out, but are really well choreographed. Passed the time really well.


huh, I don't go on /a/ or anything these days so I wouldn't know. Maybe it's some sort of jewish mind control scheme. Sorry I missed your post by a few days. I enjoyed the film immensely by the way.


File: 1549174784643-0.png (620.21 KB,1366x768,mpc-hc64_2019-02-02_13-36-….png)

File: 1549174784643-1.png (774.46 KB,1366x768,mpc-hc64_2019-02-02_13-29-….png)

File: 1549174784643-2.png (829.66 KB,1366x768,mpc-hc64_2019-02-02_13-29-….png)

The Seventh Seal (Det sjunde inseglet) is a great Swedish film from 50s, watch it if you haven't seen it yet. It's about a knight who returns from Crusades only to find his land wretched from the plague as he makes friends along the road and plays chess with Death himself while contemplating about death and the existence of God. Highly recommended.



File: 1549777820438-0.png (1.37 MB,1366x768,mpc-hc64_2019-02-09_21-45-….png)

File: 1549777820438-1.png (1.12 MB,1366x768,mpc-hc64_2019-02-09_21-32-….png)

File: 1549777820438-2.png (1.35 MB,1366x768,mpc-hc64_2019-02-09_21-09-….png)

File: 1549777820438-3.png (1.03 MB,1366x768,mpc-hc64_2019-02-09_01-23-….png)

What are you guys' favorite war movies? For me it's Das Boot. I happen to like claustrophobic films like this a lot, perhaps it makes it easier to relate to the environment and the events.


Thin Red Line - All the scenes were well shot.

Apocalypse Now - Entire movie felt like a drug trip. Caught the craziness of the Vietnam war better than any other movie imo.

Fury - I'm very interested in late ww2 battles when Nazi Germany was fighting with its dying breath. Really enjoyed seeing all that cool semi-modern military tech that was developed towards the end of the war. Ending was kind of dumb, that ra ra go America shit ruins war films for me.


Another great vigilante film from spook hunter Liam Neeson. It was kind of disappointing that he didn't hunt down and murder his favorite prey in the film, darkies, but still an enjoyable enough watch.


Gettysburg is great, but for WWII, The Big Red One is probably my favourite.


liam is truly based


File: 1549845638470.jpg (384.76 KB,1382x2048,1234.jpg)

Der Untergang.


File: 1551638933226-0.png (2.13 MB,1920x816,Once.Upon.A.Time.In.Anatol….png)

File: 1551638933226-1.png (2.26 MB,1920x816,Once.Upon.A.Time.In.Anatol….png)

File: 1551638933226-2.png (1.45 MB,1920x816,Once.Upon.A.Time.In.Anatol….png)

File: 1551638933226-3.png (3.06 MB,1920x816,Once.Upon.A.Time.In.Anatol….png)

This was a great look into modern-day rural Anatolia. Brilliant visuals.


File: 1551694481777.jpg (213.38 KB,1366x768,As_Above_So_Below.jpg)

I've been interested in found footage horror and found some neat ones I really like.
Would recommend [Rec] 1 & 2,
and As Above, So Below.
added to the watchlist, looks nice.


Check out VHS, VHS 2, Trolljegeren, Hell House LLC, Noroi, Okaruto, Willow Creek, The Tunnel, Home Movie, The Borderlands.


I really liked the 2016 Blair Witch film. I think the woods are the perfect setting for found footage horror films.


I watched that after the first one awhile ago, and kind of hated the middle, but liked the beginning and ending enough to not entirely regret watching it.
Will do anon, Just finished Noroi and I think it's my favorite so far, has a cool mix of comforting and creepy settings, without any real jumpscares.
I also liked Long pigs, and Devil's pass.


File: 1552128845587.jpg (32.04 KB,426x597,The_Cured.jpg)

It's interesting to see a zombie movie that's set in the aftermath of the outbreak. Not a great film but perfectly watchable.


I've never seen Dark City until last night and I really enjoyed it, reminds me of a mix of The Truman show and Videodrome
I've always wondered if our memories were just how they were portrayed in the movie so I guess it's a common thing to wonder.


What a surprise, I have seen it for the first time recently as well. It was an OK film in my opinion and the twist could have been laid and resolved much better. The ending scene in the beach was really nice though. I don't get why people compare it to Matrix though, seems totally different to me.


File: 1555658386002.jpg (1.02 MB,866x1330,Hellboy.jpg)

Plot was kind of all over the place but the gore and action sequences made the film enjoyable enough for me.


File: 1556285050787-0.png (2.12 MB,1000x1500,ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1556285050787-1.png (569.49 KB,500x756,ClipboardImage.png)

Borat (2006):
Found this gem for around 50 cents at a shitty department store. Hilarious movie and I honestly feel ashamed that I haven't seen it until now.
The Boondock Saints (1999):
Have you ever watched a movie that made you feel pumped up? Like that you have to pause it for a minute and practice karate moves or something? Well, that's what this movie did for me. Absolutely badass to the core and all of the action scenes were well done.


File: 1556286961969.jpg (483.27 KB,1177x1489,cca7f7dd2ab1a194f48a961ad4….jpg)

I will recommend Zulu and A bittersweet life.
>I don't get why people compare it to Matrix though
It's gotta be that they both push the reality isn't what it seems plot point.
Yea the ending fight was my least favorite part, but other wise it surprised me.
>Borat was released in 2006
How can this be true.
Added the boondock saints to my list though, been interested in action stuff.


Boondock Saints is good but it's the kind of film you can only watch one time. The film's all action and no brains.


>all action and no brains
Fine with me. I'd honestly rather see a film with pointless violence and/or crude humor than a boring film by some pretentious fuck that talks down to his audience.


Yeah but a lack of depth takes away from a films re-watch value. You can watch a film like Fight Club a second or third time and get something new out of it every time you watch it, which isn't really the case with Boondock Saints.


File: 1557385165934.jpg (237.54 KB,1123x1677,eltopo.jpg)

Interesting film I think some lizards may dig. The desert Gun Masters are fascinating in particular.


I really liked Escape room and Bad times at the El Royale, both are pretty nice death game likes.
I dropped it after he ditched the boy for the hag does it get better after the desert part?


Well the whole film takes place in the desert more or less, but yes it does, involves duels with esoteric masters of gunmanship


File: 1558263532498.jpg (416.18 KB,1920x960,Avengers_Endgame.jpg)

Not as good as Infinity War, its popularity is a bit unwarranted. The time travel stuff confused me.


File: 1558319432760.png (268.21 KB,572x404,rqyEg2m.png)

>not as good as infinity war
Pfhahaha I really wish I had your view. Life would be much more joyful and I would feel a thrill from watching those movies. I envy You


File: 1558325122892.jpg (114.08 KB,1200x869,Uncle Ted.jpg)

It's only really popular because all the heroes get their five-minute speech and "closure" to their stories. It ended up being what I thought IW was going to be, a clusterfuck with no real focus.
Also the time travel stuff didn't follow its own logic and the time travel suits looked gay. Also 2014 Thanos was a whiny little shithead.
You haven't seen Infinity War, have you? Thanos is basically Uncle Ted, and it had some good action, not something I can say for Endgame. Admittedly my family makes me see these movies in theatres and normally I don't enjoy them but IW was good.
And saying something isn't as good as something doesn't mean that the other thing was good, just that it was better.


File: 1558326913284.png (441.21 KB,786x520,25bnUwk.png)

I've seen IW and endgame.
Sorry for posting like a retard.
I think that most of superhero movies are meh and it's not like I'm siding with dc or marvel.
Tho I enjoyed dc cartoons more


>a thrill

I'm not that into capeshit, I'm not one of those people who wears Avengers t-shirts or sees the films on opening day. I said the popularity is unwarranted because the theater was packed even when I went to see it a couple of weeks after release.


File: 1558346725532.jpg (106.63 KB,1200x800,spider_man_into_the_spider….jpg)

On the topic of capeshit, I watched the nigger Spider-man movie with my brother snce he wanted to see it. I was kind of looking forward to it as well because I heard Spider-man 2099 was in it (turns out it was just the end credits scene). Anyways, the movie was average kid movie quality I guess, but I feel like some of the visuals could give a younger kid epilepsy, there's a million colors flashing on the screen at once so it's constant sensory overload. Some of it looks nice but I think that it would have looked better without being 3d animation, just make it a cartoon. I feel like niggers always look better in 2d animation, it would have been awesome to see it look like Animatrix or that Blade anime (speaking of anime there's a character that I'm not sure is from the comics but she was fucking annoying, the little anime girl who's nothing more than a shitty parody that's only funny to people who watch little to no anime). There was some sjw shit too like Spider-man noir fighting Nazis in 1933. As a side note, has anyone else noticed how the message of kids media these days is generally something along the lines of "you don't have to do things yourself"? I don't feel like this works for Spider-man since the whole idea of (the original) Spider-man is that he feels like he's responsible to do what he can, not to leave it to others. Probably some sort of kike subversion thing.


>you don't have to do things yourself

They're probably trying to fight off the alienation with society kids feel these day. They know the end road of that is ending up on websites like this. Good luck with that one normies.

>kike subversion

I thought the most blatantly subversive thing about these films is the whole passing the torch off to people of colour thing. It's exactly how avengers endgame ended as well.


Honestly I feel like the torch off to nigs thing is a fad, and eventually it'll mellow out. The jews just want to be able to turn people of any race into ineffectual soyboys.


File: 1558610808078.jpg (503.37 KB,1600x900,China_racism.jpg)

>eventually it'll mellow out

Hopefully once they realize the Chinese market doesn't want it they'll change their tune. It'll probably take several major box office bombs before they clue in.


Took me a second. I actually like the one on the right regardless of niggerlessness, it puts more emphasis on the main characters and uses the negative space better. I don't like the nu-R2 being bigger but it makes for a better poster in my mind. Also the position of Kylo Ren is more interesting. Not sure what to thinkabout the lack of stars in the background, on the one hand they're kind of distracting on the left but on the other it looks out-of place without them. I definitely wouldn't put them in front of the people around the ships like it was on the left but on the right maybe put some behind Kylo and the nu-Death Star.


Watched super size me and got hungry is this the end guys


>is this the end guys

I don't know but I can sure go for some burgers right now. I'm starving!


File: 1559866700222.png (748.19 KB,1329x768,t.png)

>Buffalo 66
A belligerent wop gets released from jail and kidnaps a ballerina to pretend be his wife for dinner at his parents, semi-autobiographical.
>Donnie Darko
Troubled young man with little faith god is told the world will end by the end of the month by a giant bunny rabbit.
I like Das Boot and Apocalypse Now as well, I consider Apocalypse Now a psychological degradation of human integrity with the backdrop of Vietnam though. Paths of Glory and Lepa Sela Lepo Gore are my favorites, the former is about three troops picked out from a battalion who refused to charge towards a fortified trench system in WW1 and a captain who tries to save them from execution. The latter is about a squad of Serbian soldiers trapped in a tunnel discussing their past lives, Jugoslavija, and the current situation they've found themselves in.


Binged Saw and The Hostel series.
I'm sad that I'm running out of death game stuff.


>Binged Saw

Binged them myself a little while ago. Which ones did you like the best?


File: 1559967198549.jpg (296.69 KB,2000x1151,HeadBuckets2.jpg)

Jigsaw was less gritty, but I loved the farm setting and it kept me entertained easily. The first was really good and more horror focused in my opinion. Also the one where they're trapped in the trap house, that needle pit part was kino.
Honestly hope they would just keep releasing them out of intrigue and curiosity.


Saw VI and Jigsaw are my favorites. I agree, the farm was a great setting.

>keep releasing them

How many more times can they pull John Kramer back from the grave though?


pure kino, and completely available for free at youtube too. not too long either, less than an hour and a half. plot is simple, straightforward, and surprisingly enough has a twist in the end with a lot of action throughout instead of a boring black and white film. really caught me off guard at how engaging this was, and how there were a lot of advanced (painstakingly manual) editing techniques used like fades and transitions and stuff

overall really liked it, check it out.


This movie was overall pretty average, and I hated the girl and ethnically ambiguous side character, but this intro scene was fucking great. If they made a whole movie like this they'd make a zillion fucking dollars.



I usually like mindless flicks but those movies were too idiotic even for me.


The new one isn't one of the Micheal Bay ones. Not that it isn't shit in it's own right, just in different ways. I really only watched it because I saw that the designs for the transformers were way closer to the cartoons than the Bay ones.


Really liked the two john wick movies I watched, wish there weren't just camrips of the 3rd.
Great action like The raid and an interesting cast of characters.


Third is just as good, if not better, than the first two. The knife scene was great.


File: 1561284209488.png (1.69 MB,1252x1272,Chucky.png)

I don't get why they thought it was a good idea to make Chucky an AI doll, being possessed by the soul of a serial killer is a much better story. The one good thing I can say about the film is they didn't make Chucky CGI.


File: 1564252540438.jpg (87.73 KB,1200x630,4950217.jpg)

I watched John dies at the end and really liked it, the beginning was the weak point but it got pretty interesting and didn't take itself seriously.
Hagazussa was beautiful but kind of boring besides the SPOILERS Rape following the pissing on a rat in a villages water supply killing most of them before she takes mushrooms kills her own baby then eats it


Once Upon a Time In Hollywood: Tarantino's boringest film


Does it still have a foot fetish scene shoehorned in?


I wish


not that reptilianon but i have also just seen the film. i think footwarmies were definitely given more than they deserve. generously


There wasn't anything too explicit but come to think of it yeah you might be right. The Manson cult people may have been showing off some feet.


File: 1565006625588.jpg (119.77 KB,691x1024,sh_the_movie_poster_01.jpg)

I wish they made more silent hill movies, I actually liked it quite a bit compared to most video game adaptions.
Guess I can just play the games again though.
Also ichi the killer was pretty cool. A bit weird though even for me, not in a bad way though necessarily, added to the charm.


I doubt that they will make another movie judging by how many ppl didn't liked it.
I don't have good taste and enjoyed both movies


I watched Godard's Nouvelle Vague.



>video game adaptions

Silent Hill and Mortal Kombat are the best imo. Warcraft wasn't too bad.


File: 1566057272676.gif (1003.15 KB,480x471,ef6a32c39ca654cec5785d8725….gif)

I just watched the angry birds movie, it was filled to the brim with a bunch of furry fapbait thrown around. The yellow guy was the one with the most innuendos. It was disgusting, but I made it through.
I also counted how many times licensed music was played on it, I counted up to 19, including mentions of IRL music and covers. After noticing how licensed music is so badly used in most Netflix shit from my mother watching, I started to consider it a hack's trick. Folks will always say that "it's for kids" but don't act surprised when in ten years the furry community grows twice as big.


Also, why the fuck was Black Sabbath playing in the beginning?


File: 1566106704489.jpg (541.18 KB,1961x2916,affrica addio.jpg)

This was interesting, I was always fascinated by things from Africa for some reason, and this may be because it's the only place on earth where men are let to be men. They're still at war with each other, but nobody gives a shti; they have guerrillas attempting to coup their government, but nobody gives a shit; there are massive populatonal homicides from one tribe/religion/nation to the other, but nobody gives a shit. It all makes for a good space for an action film, but sadly most of what they could exist could also be filled with marxist propaganda.
This work right here could even be consider to hold it, for not aknowledging that each race is different, for blaming all the massacres on humanity, despite being always exposed to constant evidence of ethnic differences, on how the black destroyed the property of the white for being "colonialist/imperialist", started hunting animals savagely after they owned their governments, and have returned to a ghetto, where the amount of murder is the same as the amount of blinks you do in a day. No, it's all the fault of "men".
Pretty decent movie, made me shred some tears on the zebra helicopter and always managed to surprise me every 10 minutes. It's fucking crazy that all of this was documented.


File: 1566158097812.jpg (50.18 KB,300x460,ten tall men.jpg)

This one doesn't have anything memorable but it called my attention due to being settled in French Colonialism times. Some parts could make for some good meme caption but nothing too interesting besides the beginning perhaps.


If you liked Africa Addio you should really check out Empire of Dust.

>only place on earth where men are let to be men

I'd argue that Africa is the most feminine continent on the planet. That black men are androgynous and their societies are female dominated.


You're so right dude, being a man is all about not giving a fuck!
Damn… Shit is so deep that I'm gonna tattoo it on my muscular arm.
Btw I don't give a fuck about your sissy movies because I'm so manly.
Just wrote that post so you can envy my big guns. Hell yeah!
Oh and idc bout the ban cuz real men dont give a fuuuck!!


>Empire of Dust
I did watch it, though I had my grandma next to me bitching every second so I couldn't truly concentrate on it. The part I remember the most is how every nigger would attempt to dime at any chance possible, with high prices and selling ill chickens.
>I'd argue that Africa is the most feminine continent on the planet. That black men are androgynous and their societies are female dominated.
Yes, but I don't think having mob rules where population gangs up with machetes to undesirables and constant conflict everywhere is a very femenine trait. I think my fascination with africa may come from the fact that it still has conflict and is a very violent place while the west is at peace. It's hard to explain
>You're so right dude, being a man is all about not giving a fuck!
That's kinda true tbh, having a retroactive approach to life and doubting every decision ends up making acceptance to one's choices hard and doesn't lead up to conviction and a strong character that lets one depend on himself. I'm not a master of that in any shape or form, but I'd like to get there at one point.

Attempting to post this for the third time, this time without images, because the software keeps giving me errors.


File: 1566228725330.jpg (183.49 KB,350x525,image.jpg)

pic is essential Africa kino if you haven't already seen it. you could also watch Zulu (1964) or some shit


>constant conflict everywhere is a very femenine trait

Oh yeah, it is. Petty and disordered violence is definitely feminine. Women aren't doing much of the killing themselves but they're the ones pulling the strings, African societies are matriarchies. These aren't noble masculine warrior societies, you seen this in the Africa Addio mercenary scene. As soon as a small disciplined force of white men came they dropped their weapons and ran.


I wouldn't say black men are androgynous. Blacks are just not very sexually dimorphic except it's the women that appear more masculine as far as females go which is the opposite of the Asians.


This is something that really annoys me, it's like you people can't recognize basic human traits and somehow this meme got out there that black men are more masculine.

Black males have 14% more estrogen than white men. They possess both male and female qualities. It's why they behave like females a lot of the time, with their predilection to bisexuality and their obsession with shoes.


File: 1566403606659.jpg (92.29 KB,640x610,applejuice.jpg)

Yeah, not a big fan of comedy though, so I didn't enjoy it quite as much as I should. And it felt a bit superficial at times.
We should make a chart with all the Afrikino that exists, though genres of each movie should be clarified
>Africa Addio
>Who Killed Captain Alex
>Empire of Dust
Any anons that have any suggestions feel free to post them


Kino of the year right here, I actually like this a lot better than Redux. Hot take: I like it more than the theatrical cut.


File: 1566453443965.jpg (528.65 KB,1005x1500,image.jpg)

Rewatched this just now. Still holds up, just like how I remembered it. Don't know if this is controversial but I do think this one is Tim Burton's best, because it is just so quintessentially Tim Burton-esque in plot and practical effects, even though Johnny Depp isn't in it. Probably childhood nostalgia goggles but it's great, simply too memorable to ignore. Good music too.


>more than the theatrical cut

meh I didn't really care for any of the extended scenes


Most people don't, and I don't blame you at all


File: 1566585162901.jpg (85.32 KB,496x716,22288.jpg)

Really liking these time related horror movies.
Coherence and triangle were great at not making me check the time.
and while I could guess some things they were generally surprising at points.
Unrelated time wise but Kairo was also amazing in my opinion, i'm a sucker for jap horror in general though.


File: 1566712101155-0.png (127.32 KB,220x323,ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1566712101155-1.png (2.23 MB,1920x1080,gimme jeb.png)

This was pretty shitty, though I appreciate how the fat guy was a prepper, was aware of the JQ, and how there's this small image that can be related to Jeb Bush


Finally watched every Halloween release, gotta say the first three were the best, and the remake wasn't too bad. The rest were watchable for me but they just turned into comedies at a point.


>they just turned into comedies at a point

The same thing happened with Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street films.


Yea I'm thinking of moving on to nightmare on elm street next, I watched the first one and really like the dream component.


Nothing from Nightmare can beat the first two Halloween movies unfortunately.


File: 1567911063426.jpg (58.68 KB,400x400,Ready_Or_Not.jpg)

Occultist elites get btfo. Good film, would recommend seeing.


File: 1569478418794.jpg (33.76 KB,312x445,image.jpg)

finally got around to watching this, and honestly it was kind of boring. It's a good film, nothing bad, but also nothing that great. Basically the ultimate overrated warmie feelgood flick, and no twist at the end either. can't believe this film is like #1 on IMDB, really shows how trash their opinion is.

this film is basically just top 100, top 50 if you're being generous


File: 1569478645044.jpg (54.07 KB,338x500,image.jpg)

ok but this film tho is actually pretty great, pure chinese kung fu kino. Honestly it's real nice, the only thing that was kind of ridiculous is how they just casually literally fly around each other like in animes. But other than that it's sweet, would rewatch. dialogue can be cringe sometimes too but that much is to be expected


>can't believe this film is like #1 on IMDB

What would be a better film for the number one spot in your opinion?


Joker (2019)


I haven't seen it but I hope that it's better than I expect it to be. Is it "we live in a society" tier? I can't tell if you're meming since I haven't seen it. Does it fit into the CIA-verse?


You're probably right, I can't wait to go see it. October can't come soon enough.

As far as I understand it Joker is basically /our guy/ in the film.


You do realise Joker has a love interest in the film, right? He's 4chan's hero because he's a warmie that doesn't fit in that well. Nothing lizard about him


No I only seen the first trailer. And it looks like she's one of those frizzy haired mulatto girls that Hollywood loves using. Yuck!

I'll still probably go see the film but with far less enthusiasm now.


File: 1569632260973.png (240.09 KB,935x720,0c4fbf9ebbcec7da12689ca2a5….png)

Whats even worse is when the director came out against far lefties, MAGA tier tards started rallying around the film despite it being thoroughly pozzed to the core by hollywood.


I was just shitposting
I'm looking forward to it as a comedy either way.


>October can't come soon enough
Oh I thought it was already out. My bad.


Going to watch a lot of horror movies this October. Watched Scream which was great, the ending reminded me of Funny Games.


>a lot of horror movies

Such as?


File: 0hIMjLRXedaQ8lK9mBGyogJSFnVNOq.gif (222.94 KB,461x389,jumpscare.gif)

Hoping on finishing the scream + elm street series. A few solo ones I have picked out like Midsommar, Haunt, It 2, and this >>2015.
I'm not picky at all, I actually kind of like bad horror movies too.


Ah so mostly newer ones. I've never even heard of Haunt, that one completely missed me. I'll probably watch some 70s horror films myself, something about that era really gives me the creeps.


File: mtxsZliM5DPGf63jwF0pIoU4dNKqAT.jpg (504.64 KB,800x1138,e314b8785782b63bc827429bbf….jpg)

I don't understand people who dig horror, isn't the real world enough?


>tfw so tired from wageslaving that u forgot u bought tickets to see 2001: A Space Odyssey in glorious 70mm at the theater

feels like i got robbed of a truly kino experience bros, fuck my life


Damn, that sucks.


>don't understand

Horror films actually help people deal with stress and they're a great distraction.

>isn't the real world enough

Real world terrors are far more dark and morbid than what most horror films portray (with the exception of the torture porn genre).


File: nA1J2LBVY0meq8Iztji5wW9Zpfk46G.jpg (43.43 KB,319x315,twinkie house.jpg)

>Horror films actually help people deal with stress
I don't habeeb it


Lemme know which ones you do watch you'd recommend, like adding stuff to my list.
While you're watching the movie you're in a more comfortable place inherently than any horror movie protag. It's a bit of existential schaufenfreude.
That's one reason but really, I've just always liked edgy/sad artistic expression in stories to an extent.


Horror films help build up a sort of immunity to scary things. There's been articles written on this.


Halloween III, Return of the Dead and Phantasm are all really good Halloween horror films.


>Real world terrors are far more dark and morbid than what most horror films portray (with the exception of the torture porn genre).

I don't know reptilianon, I feel like real world horrors are just so legitimately mundane rather than morbid. Consider a car crash from some drunk-driving warmie for example, God help you if you survive but don't have insurance since you live in burgerland. Or if your identity gets stolen by some warmie to buy stupid shit as he drains your bank account, or even if a wageslave is fired for absolutely no reason whatever and they won't tell you why (also in burgerland, most states have "at-will" employement).

None of these things are horrifying in films, but it's their realism that makes them scary. At least horror films offer an exciting way to die. Maybe I am just getting old and see a boring death as a horrible way to die.


>thinking the horrors of the real world are merely bounded by material things
Oh Lizzie, I wish I had the same vision as you. But direct hit horrors are quite stress relievers since you have to act towards fixing them. Mental torture is that which showcases a problem but doesn't let you solve it, it just tortures you and tells you to suck it up.
>tv is killing people's minds
<we have to let it on since it makes us company!
>loud shit music in the public transport
<either have some headphones or a knife in handy, because one solution will get you in uncomfortable situations
>niggers throwing trash everywhere
<if you call this out you're a racist and get ostracized by others
>corpses being left on public Parks
<the only solution is killing those who throw away their animal sacrifices there since cops don't give a shit about it, but that gets you in jail
It's maddening


reminds me of being a kid where i was scared of more things than just waking up another day
I'll check those out, halloween 3 was my favorite out of all of them.


>real world horrors are just so legitimately mundane

You're probably not looking in the right places. Things like 70s serial killers, cartel atrocities and pizzagate are far more scary than anything films could portray.

Here's just a small example of what I'm talking about.



File: nqc8NXJ51eD3vT2hGSkK4YbQ6CZywm.jpg (33.54 KB,480x480,Joker.jpg)

Went to go see it this weekend. Overall a good film, maybe just a little overhyped. Joker was definitely relatable, don't worry about that mulatto women the Joker's relationshit with her was all an illusion.

I'm surprised there weren't more single guys in the theater. It kind of made me mad seeing all the vapid normies with their smartphones watching a film that was made for guys like me.


All the warmies in my theatre came in cheerful/happy and walked out quiet as fuck staring into space.

It went just far enough to make groids uncomfortable while also making fun of them.


Watched Scream 2 and Nightmare on Elm Street 2 and really liked both, each were kind of lacking compared to the originals but had a lot of cheesy charm.
>I'm surprised there weren't more single guys in the theater.
The recently bulletproofed singles only room was probably full, did you notice any guards? They may have only had the snipers in yours.


>came in cheerful/happy and walked out quiet as fuck staring into space

Yeah, it was really surreal. It's the first time I've ever gone to see a film that was made exclusively for guys like us and not normies. I was laughing loudly and smiling in the theater while the people around me looked sullen and uncomfortable. And wow, that ending. It filled me with a sense of vigor.

>notice any guards



>The recently bulletproofed singles only room was probably full, did you notice any guards? They may have only had the snipers in yours.
fug my local kinoplex only had weak ass chainsaw zombies. They're trying too hard to make it festive just because it's October, but it clashes bad with the anvil and crab legs stand. My pet hawk barely flinched too, so they're not even doing a good job. I'll be talking to Robert's manager about this since I pay extra on singles-only night you know


Midsommar was pretty great in my opinion, I could tell what was going to happen 10 minutes in, but it was still interesting to see unfold and it was beautifully edited.
>I pay extra on singles-only night you know
The singles only manslaughter tax is a real killer.


File: gl0tXxuP9IqKiAQ3cT7DfpZRUMVJOa.png (1.93 MB,1905x1073,3dhunters.png)

The Lust of the Dead series is surprisingly entertaining and the otaku did nothing wrong.


File: DEmlosM10UYbJ4HnfVkNQBGLTRtKhu.jpg (220.87 KB,1536x2048,theater.jpg)

Bastards! How dare they discriminate against us like this!


It's impressive how these dumbasses don't realize that this is the type of shit that creates mass shooters. The movie wouldn't cause shit on its own.


File: SsQujXtRmkeCgcGlMn6WETaz7AoNB2.jpg (467.21 KB,787x1273,1413590891theblob.jpg)

Really liked seeing The Wicker Man and The Blob, Blob had some great body horror (and a name inspired by fatliz). Haunt was mediocre but I probably enjoyed it more than most. The ending is very similar to how The Collection ends and generally I love Escape room inspired horror flicks a lot.
It was just someone placing it there as a joke, sadly I think the armed guards and sedating drugs in the popcorn kept any accidents from happening.


>someone placing it there as a joke

So they say. In any case I'm sure we're just one incel mass shooter away from couples only laws.


>In any case I'm sure we're just one incel mass shooter away from couples only laws.
you mean the preferential tax rules that married couples already have?


No, more like being barred from places of business and searched at random. The police are probably already building incel/volcel databases.


It wouldnt surprise me if they went after volcels too. Boomers are absolutely fucking incompetent when it comes to complex gray areas that require half a brain to understand and arent black and white. Rather its more convenient just to lump up any and all undesirables to turn them into invisible boogeymen.


I wonder how we'd benefit from a mass shooter that was insanely against virgins. He'd have to be incredibly successful in both his shooting and his communication of his anti-virgin message. Just a thought you glowniggers.
>complex gray areas
No such thing, just mixtures of black and white like a marble cake.


Screamers had some really good premises/locations with dialogue that made me drop the rating to a 5/10. It was trying to hard to be a sappy love story when it should have been a horror flick through and through.
It wouldn't be reported on tv or anything too popular unless he was also against female virgins.


Watched Joker, good opinions from lizzies encouraged me to do so.
It was meh imo


Anyone shilling Joker as 'our guy' or 'our movie' has been paid to do so or a retard who has falling for an extensive marketing campaign


>It was meh

I'll admit, the film was a little slow at first but it was so worth it for that last 20 minutes.

>shilling Joker

For the first time in years we get movie character we can relate to and you have to shit all over it. I bet you haven't even seen the film.


File: rB1tCIZcds3Kp4GbiNv8lDASxMFU2h.png (748.83 KB,680x746,ClipboardImage.png)

I too can relate to having delusions of having a romantic relationship with a woman inside my head, having severe mental disorders, being a mass murderer, and inspiring a commie/antifa uprising


>In ‘Joker,’ Joaquin Phoenix Wanted to Create a Character ‘That Wasn’t Identifiable’


based joker liz

>That Wasn’t Identifiable

Clearly a failed endeavor because I identified strongly with Arthur Fleck.


File: qXkCrwDRs4yvbGBWaHS2m3ulec8xT1.jpg (39.63 KB,700x368,image.jpg)


Ok so since everybody won't shut the fuck up about it, I fell for the meme and just got home from seeing Joker (2019) for myself. Not even gonna bother spoilering ahead either, so if you decide to read on, it's at your own risk. Here goes:

>The Good

Honestly I was curious how they would explain a whole "origin story" movie about The Joker without ruining the mystery behind the character, while at the same time bridging the same character to the now-quintessential The-Dark-Knight Joker. Surprisingly they pull it off in my opinion, it all kind of fits together in a sorta plausible order, so props to the writing. In addition, I would say that Joaquin Phoenix's performance stole the show and while still not reaching Heath Ledger-tier, he is definitely miles ahead above Jared Leto in terms of seriousness.

>The Bad

First let me make a distinction between "plot" and "writing," in that if "plot" is the direction of the arrow, "writing" is the strength and quality of the marksman and bow. The writing may have been good, but the plot is literally just "WE LIVE IN A SOCIETY," unironically. That's what I got from it, I mean if people just lived like they were in a society and didn't constantly bully and harass loners like Arthur Fleck for no reason, or actually provided him the help/medication he needed, then he simply would not have rightfully lost his shit when Wall Street punks picked on him which started everything.



>The Ugly

The film reminded me just how much of a shithole NYC is after I've purged my memory of it from my last visit. Not gonna lie, I live in a fairly big city myself but NYC is too much. I know it's supposed to be """Gotham""" but still.


I would actually recommend lizards to watch it not for the film, but to see how warmies react to the film: Many warmies are disgusted by Arthur Fleck as a person before he became The Joker, but for me how he lived and his experiences just made sense. Many people live like Arthur Fleck their whole lives without ever becoming The Joker, just taking the bullying and harassment until they either an hero or accept the cruel society we live in towards expiration. The film reminds warmies of this truth, which may prompt some of them to bully and harass the Arthur Flecks of the world even more since now they're afraid of them becoming Jokers – such is irony in a clown world.

8.5/10, worth watching once-tier, pretty good for technically capeshit.


Is it the type of movie that's good to watch in the theater? Anything with strong visuals I try and watch in the theater but if it's just a normal-looking movie I'll probably watch it whenever it gets to the library.
>I know it's supposed to be """Gotham""" but still.
Gotham is literally just New York. Same with Metropolis but they're sort of like the two different ways of looking at New York. At least Marvel is smart enough to cut out all the allegory shit and just set their comics in New York.
>may prompt some of them to bully and harass the Arthur Flecks of the world even more since now they're afraid of them becoming Jokers
I always found it funny back in highschool how bullying went up noticeably after a well reported school shooting. I don't think that shootings ever really "inspire" other shootings beyond considering it, but it definitely scares people into causing them. It reminds me of that saying about how you get your destiny by trying to avoid it or something like that.


Where did you get this image from? 9gag?


>for me how he lived and his experiences just made sense

This is what I keep saying. Normies can't understand the Joker because they have no idea what it's like to be rejected by society. They have no point of reference.

>watching once-tier

You'll begin to appreciate the film more and more as time goes on. It's been that way for me. This past week I've been thinking about Joker non-stop.

>good to watch in the theater

If there's ever a time to give jew Hollywood your money it's for the Joker movie.


shit, first reply was for >>2151


File: fSqFYOrWKwMXZAJNgDI8lE6TmBuPz2-0.png (1.53 MB,736x1001,ClipboardImage.png)

File: es3Y1ElhvqZigVWcumQzXwA958FCd2-1.png (2.91 MB,1500x841,ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6mE5PgQVoqGeyBi8w7jRAYTsCr1DUb-2.png (2.62 MB,2543x451,ClipboardImage.png)

>Gotham is literally just New York
I one day hope we will get a Batman film that returns to the gothic or noir looking Gotham, it's what sets it apart from other capeshit


File: nMIX1LHl5jtU0eac9KzoSFhmGiERDv.png (7.68 KB,255x254,face.png)

There was a stream that I've seen from /x/ for some movies, I checked it out.
They were streaming Oldboy, which I liked, but I kinda feel bad about it now that I've seen that it was an adaptation of a manga. Plus the version that they were streaming was a dub and the sex scenes were too ridiculous with the VAs over it.


I watched House of 1,000 corpses and The devils rejects. I don't know why but rob zombie films are fun to watch, maybe it's the over the top characters especially the clown and overgrown brother.


>rob zombie films are fun to watch

Go watch The Lords of Salem and try saying this. The guys a horrible director and him and all his family should be barred from the film industry.


I'm going to watch it and tell you how wrong you are, give me 24 hours.


Nevermind, that was abysmal.
Wish I stared at a wall instead.


now if you really want to get offended go watch his version of Halloween


I actually liked those, not enough to watch them again but they were entertaining, Lords of Salem was edgy too but ultimately horribly boring and that's the worst thing a movie can be.


>actually liked those

The film was so dumb, gross and trashy, I couldn't even sit through it. He had no right to bastardize the Halloween franchise like that.


>The film was so dumb, gross and trashy
I saw it more as a comedic element as after watching every Halloween movie It just seemed like each one was going the scream route of not taking itself seriously, after the trilogy of course. Actually now that I think about it the second one he made was pretty awful. Maybe I just have stockholm syndrome. Why did the 3 woman survive when he killed the guy who treated him well in isolation?


>Why did

I couldn't make it for more then 30 minutes of the first Rob Zombie's Halloween. Just thinking about that film makes my stomachs turn.

And I usually like bad films. It's very unusual for me to not watch a film from start to end.


honestly didn't know what I was getting into since this was my first Terrence Malick film. Thought it was ok as a war film, shots were nice and all, but I found some of the more """philosophical""" voiceover dialog to be kind of distracting as they sorta dragged on asking normie philosophy 101 questions. also didn't really have any definitive statements either, kind of bullshit interpretative answers

basically Apocalypse Now: Final Cut (2019) is still my #1 war film since that one had both kino shots and a clear descent-into-madness-that-is-war message between characters rather than DUDE NATURE SHOTS LMAO

what i'm afraid of is that from what i've read, you watch one Malick film you've watched them all since he's apparently very stylistic, meaning I don't want to watch Boyhood or Tree of Life and its basically the same shit just slightly different. thoughts?


I watched a bunch of mediocre horror films since i've been sick and unable to pay attention to well.
>elm street dream warriors
The best out of the list, cheesy but has some good death scenes and it was interesting seeing multiple characters deal with him at once even though they nearly all die instantly
>in the tall grass
a less interesting Triangle but still kept me interested as I really like films that abuse the plot mechanic it uses. The characters aren't great but that's a cherry on top for horror flicks in my opinion.
From this point on I became masochistic and watched some panned films.
The best part of this film was the first minute or two.
I think it would have been better as a US copy with more chaos, but then it ditches it and copies a bunch of old horror movies with no innovation.
The ending was hilarious though, as they post a video asking for help, which is clearly private the whole time, then it gets views as they shamelessly setup a possible sequel.
>The silence
Birdbox but even more unmemorable and less interesting.
>American Psycho II
I don't wanna talk about it.


The Silence

I'm surprised I'm not the only Liz that saw that. I personally thought it was pretty awful. No single part of it stands out in particular, but every aspect of it was sub par. It fell into that surreal entertainment limbo for movies that are a three or four out of 10. The kind where they're bad, but in an uninteresting way which somehow makes them less entertaining than objectively awful movies. This movie sits right on that precipice of maximum boredom that comes before movies start to go full circle and become enjoyable again. The Silence is certainly less than the sum of its parts and watching it was probably the worst film experience I've had this year.


I never really regret watching a film, but I know watching it was like casting an hour of my limited perception in this realm into the void. I agree as I can hardly remember anything even though it's just been a week.
I don't watch many war movies but i'll check these out as I want to get into them at some point, discussing them here would be a plus.


File: GXSBxsKcTH5EP6O4kegavi8RYuqdNF.jpg (836.86 KB,1340x2010,Doctor_Sleep.jpg)

Not a bad film, thankfully it didn't get overly cluttered and complex like Dreamcatcher and 1408. Would of been better without the black girl and her terrible acting.

The steam thing eerily reminded me of the elites harvesting adrenochrome.


Just watched those two recent Godzilla movies, Godzilla 2014 and King of the Monsters. I enjoyed the 2014 one enough, the dumb story stuff put in the movie to space out the cool monster battles was alright and made the thing a bit more suspenseful which I appreciated. In the newer one the humans are way too overpowered for me to take the monsters seriously, they have a fucking machine that lets them control the monsters with soundwaves or some shit for Christ's sake. It ruins all tension and people somehow teleport from place to place in an instant between cuts. Also it had an incredible amount of femgroids doing army shit, I could throw most of these bitches across a room with all their gear on. Fucking feminist cunts. Although the girl was at least a younger kid, I hate when they have something like a thirteen year-old played by a bitch in her twenties (I guess that's better than using shittier child actors though). Also, they try to redeem her mother in the end even though she manipulated her dumbass daughter into thinking that unleashing all of the monsters wouldn't kill people, and in releasing the monsters she fucking caused millions of deaths. She's basically fem-Hitler but without the good parts like hating kikes, which I'm sure in the hollyjews' minds is stunning and brave.
>body was too long
I hate my dumbfuck brain for not being concise but the world needs to know my very important thoughts.


In the 2014 one the view was almost always from a human's perspective which made the monsters look towering and menacing but in King of the Monsters it isn't grounded at all so the camera just zooms around and the monsters end up looking silly in a lot of places. Maybe that's just me though. There were quite a few places that they looked sick but I think it was done better in the 2014 one. Maybe this is all what's expected in a Godzilla movie, I haven't seen a Godzilla movie since I was a kid so I have little memory of them. I might have to rewatch some of them to get an idea of what I should compare these to. That being said I definitely remember the original Mothra, and I'm really glad they redesigned that shit and gave her talons and that sort of thing. She looked like a pussy back in the day.
>body is still too long
fuck me


Anyways, the writing wasn't as good and some of the action wasn't as good but I think the soundtrack and sound effects were better in King of the Monsters, I liked the return of the original themes. Although the CGI is technically more impressive the destruction of the cities had less weight to it since there's like seventeen monsters now and they pop up all over the globe whereas the 2014 one only had two "MUTOs" (I do appreciate that King of the Monsters has some of the actual characters). Unfortunately the action scenes are all in the dark but I think it works better in 2014 where that seems like it's intentional. In King of the Monsters they just add a sniny blue filter over it to make it look brighter. A lot of the tension in King of the Monsters is cut off by Marvel-style quips which was retarded, shit like "oh my god…" "…zilla". I'd say overall, 3/5 for 2014 and 2/5 for King of the Monsters. Both were alright but I think the sequel was dumbed down because of complaints that it wasn't enough like the other Godzilla movies. Although I think that some of its strengths like the soundtrack and the monsters were also caused by those same complaints so what do I know?


I felt ripped off by the 2014 Godzilla. I thought it was going to be a Bryan Cranston film when he was only in the movie for about five minutes. Are you going to watch the 1998 Godzilla please don't?


File: NK9T1ngpzcXjJW03vtPaF6ReUsYxou.jpg (182.05 KB,1000x1500,1QwIIAZzPgYcninV2tiy0cabbh….jpg)

Watched a good few movies:
The Evil Dead and Sequel, Hardware, The Fog, Cult, Dawn of the Living Dead and Night of the Living Dead.
The two zombie titles were great but I liked Dawn more than Night, they made me boot up some zombie games to deal with the grief of running out of relating movies.
was weird, as logically I felt like I should give the movie a 4 or 5 but personally I liked it more than quite a few films I poured time into. The low budget and weird choices in how to display the evil force were hilarious but maybe I was just in a cheesy horror film mood.
I really liked it other than 10 minutes of it being of a weird ease dropping phone sex loving cum commander
Was surprised by the quality and the ministry track.
>The Fog
Certainly cheesy and took it's time but it has some great locations, way more comfy than creepy.
>Evil deads
I usually don't like non-serious horror but it was done awfully well and the quality is pretty absurd, the high quality effects pretty much made the movie.


>Dawn more than Night

You've got to watch Day of the Dead, it's the best Romero zombie film imo. I don't think there's ever been a film that captures feelings of dread as well as it.


Good film, really enjoyed this one. I think most of us would find the protagonist Richard very relatable.

The film is interesting because it basically shows what would happen if one of us did some grand heroic deed. In the film, based on real events, after Richard saves the lives of countless people a Rex FBI agent and the Stacy journalist bitch that he's banging conspire to ruin him, trying to dig up dirt on him and tarnish his reputation with circumstantial evidence.


Anyone have any alien recommendations? I want to believe. I'll take documentaries you liked as well.
I watched that one and liked it a lot, the tunnel scenes reminded me of the game No more room in hell, they probably made a map in reference to it, was a good zombie game.


>alien recommendations

Check out The Arrival. The films a real hidden gem, it's my favourite Charlie Sheen movie.


THX 1138 and The Crazies are pretty good movies, i'm to tired to elaborate, 7/10.
I will watch this next, my brain has been spacey the last few days.


A surprising honest look into the lives of the elite. Narrowly beats Witchfinder General as the best Vincent Price film I've seen thus far.


Finally watched Enter the Void after seeing it recommended numerous times. The film tried to come across as profound but was just boring and lame, I hated it.


File: r6QpHxMC0qgUuVfz7n3aXNjlJyG1SB.jpeg (128.94 KB,1400x1400,sonic_film.jpeg)

Have any of you autists seen this yet? How was it?



it was good but very predictable. I enjoyed it at least. Don't watch it if you can't tolerate seeing all the cliches.

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