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File: 1512324731310.jpg (97.31 KB,1440x900,dayz-1080p-wallpaper_1_144….jpg)


Any one want to play some dayz?



just play the mod on epoch


The link is just a torrent of a cracked dayz. I'm not buying Arma 2 and the DLC unless there's a cracked version of it.


File: 1512350630519.gif (1.78 MB,270x188,1507157618623.gif)

Would non cracked versions work on your server? I'm busy for a few days but might be interested later this week to play during winter.


File: 1512352932507.jpg (866.15 KB,1920x1080,hH3Uyok.jpg)

I have no idea. Also it's not my server. Would be fun to have someone to play with and roam around chernaurus with instead of being lonewolf.


File: 1512415094994.jpg (499.78 KB,800x1333,1486164187354.jpg)

Ah I thought you were playing cracked arma 2 mod, I own both but am a noob at Standalone. Later this week I could hop on if no obstructions occur.


oh nice, I might check it out then


I'll see if i can play later this week, just say when you anons are available.


OP here. I just bought the full game on steam. No need to download crack.


File: 1513266620432.gif (982.12 KB,476x328,1486323077822.gif)

Having to work on my pc this weekend so I'd only be able to hop on later next week if your still here, god speed anon!


Just tell me whenever you’re ready.


Anyone still playing this? I'd start playing if there were others

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