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Any other lizards into Warhammer 40k? What army (or armies) do you play?


I'm interested but still into reading shadowrun books, the gods seem the most interesting but i've heard other good things.


Used to play guard back in 4th edition. Specifically 'lasgun and every piece of indirect fire possible' guard. Might sound boring but piling out a half dozen or more templates per turn was pretty fun. Didn't really like 5th and sold my army. Kind of regret it. Nowadays I just work on statting out warbands for 28mm Inquisitor and continually thinking about kitbashing actual minis for them. It's tempting as hell because it's no longer a supported game, and third party kits are completely fair game. Downside is the ungodly amount of papercraft terrain I'd need to play because it's a true-to-lore skirmish game with high lethality. Thought about getting some 3D printed, but between getting the files (Warlayer has an amazing 40k collection) and getting them printed, it's just expensive, and I have other hobbies that I have big purchases on the backburner for, some of which (a non-terrible setup for flight sims) I'm far more likely to actually get around to enjoying too.


No. I visited Warhammer World though and have some pictures I could post if you guys wanted to see.


post those bad boys


what books are those? i recently got the 2013 black library torrent and im reading through the horous heresy. id like to expand the collection to update it


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I got the 3 volumes of Secrets of Power since I heard they were good starting points, and Psychotrope and 2XS aswell. The games and a read up on the lore got me interested before hand.
What Warhammer books would you recommend to a 40k brainlet?

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