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Bury yourself in the ground lizzie
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Remember Lizzies it's bad to hold negative emotions since they build up.
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My dream is to be retired by 40. If I can't accomplish this I think I'll go insane.


How old are you now, liz?
How much more to go?


early 30s. if I can pay some things off and then work for a few more years I might just be able to pull it off


obligations and wage slavery have gotten me so worn and stressed out these past couple of days, it feels like a steam roller drove over top of me


I apparently have seven months to gtfo of my parent's home. They might be moving or something. I have a sister who I can live with for as little as 300 a month. It's a steal and might secure my life for a little longer. Otherwise, I'm going to have to die or go homeless. I would rather choose the former.


>7 months
That's a lot of time to prepare for this. You got this liz


if he's anything like me he'll procrastinate for the next six months, playing video games and trying not to think about the inevitable


File: 1614184674979.png (500.2 KB, 800x498, Jeb_Bush.png)

Does anyone here ever feel so stressed out that it feels like their head is going to explode?


>head is going to explode
Hahaha no,
rather make my head explode



God this hits so true. Luckily my sister is a liar and it's actually seven years. I hope I don't screw up.


>don't screw up

yes exactly, try be as low profile as the furniture so when they finally move they'll take you with them


File: 1616287416265.jpg (80.6 KB, 700x1245, alzZqwBr_700w_0.jpg)

Okay I'm done with loud normal faggot neighbours

It's about time I get ripped and smash their fucking skulls.

My whole body hurts from a quick workout.
Although one day it will be capable of making destruction and bringing fear into dumb eyes of brainlets.


>loud normies have the wrath of satan upon them

I wouldn't want to be them right now.


Calm down satan.


File: 1616805278501.jpg (157.3 KB, 1280x720, snake_eats_lizard.jpg)

Another week of things totally not going my way. Can't a liz ever catch a break?


Tell us what happened now, liz.


Just a deal that I was planning to make fell through. It might still happen but I was hoping to get it done with this week. Nothing can ever go smoothly for me, everything needs to be more complicated than it has to be.


a-am I banned or was the site down? I'm paranoid lizzies.


fug I forgot how to sage


You aren't banned!


if it gets any hotter out I might sweat to death. I wish ac was easier to install


Just keep a fan by your side like I do, no need for AC


when it's gets up to 40C fans don't help that mush



Oh good, I thought it was just me. There was a table error or something and I'm paranoid as hell.


I wish I could blow up the sun.


You might want something like this, it works great for me.


>portable AC
I watched this video saying those suck.


im getting an AC installed today. very exciting.


how dare you get AC before me you bastard


you should get a better and faster landlord (mum) like i have


I'm my own landlord, and I'll openly admit to being a miserly person. I try to always spend as little as possible, even if it means baking in the heat all summer.


how does a lizard end up owning property?


I bought my run down little place many years ago when real estate in my city was cheap. It's nice not having to live with parents.


Had to use the toilet but mother was taking a bath since 20 minutes.
Asked her kindly to just leave it for sec.
She got mad. Explained her that I really have to use it. Nope
Told her that I always leave the bathroom in a sec and that it's really urgent. Nope

Aaaaand I had to choose between shiting my pants or improvising.

Lizards I present to you the shit jar. Great innovation of stealth and emergency pooping.
Just be careful not to sit on it.
I don't even know how to describe my mother, damn. It's not like she was mad at me or anything. What a cunt


I hate it when people don't appreciate the importance of bowel movements. Just remember liz to empty your shit jars at regular intervals. Unlike piss jugs they'll attract flies fast.


Thank you for the tip but that's the last time I used a jar.
That whole situation made me so mad that I decided to move out.
Good timing as my Boss decided to rent a flat.
It has two rooms so I'm staying in one. Quite expensive but that's a huge change when it comes to living conditions.
So far only till 15th October after that he'll decide if I can stay longer or not.
If not then he'll help me with the paperwork and finding something else.

Didn't know that such unselfish people existed irl
Couldn't get more lucky


nice, hopefully you'll get your own bathroom at your new place


File: 1633816575696.jpg (7.59 KB, 250x250, 3467.jpg)

Made a fool out of myself at the store today. I thought for sure they got the price wrong and was so full of myself until they corrected me. This is the second time this has happened. I really need to start double checking things.


I think i'm starting to become a alcholic


leave it, alcohol sucks

I would rather smoke weed and just be comfy and lazy


I would smoke weed if i had a dealer beer makes me bloated as fuck


based. what do you like to drink liz?


Oh rip

Anyway it's much better for liz to learn to live sober.
Druglyfe always has hardcore downsides sooner or later. Speaking from experience and stuff


just bud light platinum


Never had that beer, I don't think it's even available where I live. 6% light beer, I'd probably turn into a drunk if I could get my hands of that stuff. The 6% beer that I get is a bit rough going down.


What do you drink?


Yikes, I always thought that having certain amount of money will make me feel good and safe.

Turns out I will always feel like depressed retard unless I'm occupied with playing LoL all the time or just come to terms with myself which is impossible, lol
That's really shitty and I haven't played for quite some time.

Got drunk aaaand I can't see sense in anything that I'm doing, no motivation whatsoever.

Got few traumas since I'm oversensitive. If my parents wouldn't rekt me for being myself years ago, I could live my life in peace. Now I'm struggling to do anything while I'm in place to do everything I want.

At least a little understanding from them would help but nah.
They can't see their faults.
I wish they would do the opposite so I could think that I'm not fucked up


I always thought that I'm at fault but lately noticed that those are not my thoughts, just theirs.
I don't know how to fix this.
It's written so deep inside me that at this point my life is being moved by their vision of me.
While I think I'm the one in charge.

Had a talk with them today, basically just took my anger on them but it didn't help.
They still think they did everything right.
Never going to contact them again


File: 1635389565207.jpg (187.97 KB, 400x400, wildcat_strong.jpg)

beer - mostly cheap local stuff or whatever is on sale. wildcat is the beer I probably buy the most

cocktails - vodka and dr pepper, caesars, vodka and oj, rum (captain morgan) and coke. I'm a vodka fan, it mixes well with most drinks

I also like to drink jagermeister around this time of the year.


>Never going to contact them again

brutal. they must of wronged you pretty bad

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