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Bury yourself in the ground lizzie
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What hell must be like.


Bout to make a place like this for the lizbros but with jerk off curtains for each bunk and complimentary cult robes.


I wouldn't mind it if it was with you guys. I know that sounds faggy but it's true.


Forgot to add that those desk/beds look neat. Would be hell for non-normalfags though, this is probably going to be how they get us angry virgin types out of the gene pool for good, eventually once this become the norm the little reputation system will rule humanity's lives and will be the reason why all of us become homeless. Wouldn't expect it until perhaps 2100 or so though, but mark my words. If any real young underage b& are reading, you'll probably live to see this become much more normal in your lifetime.


>40 to 50 $ for night
what the fuck,this is total norman hipster hippie bullshit


By the end of one week I'm sure we'd all be wanting to kill each other. The lack of privacy would drive me insane.


If I am going to be completely honest here, I wouldn't mind a Lizard commune/cult where we all live in relative isolation but still together. I'm sure you guys aren't that bad.


My only issues would be wanting a lockable door, and the fact i'd have to get a job. I don't talk much but being around similar people definitely lowers cortisol if there's no drama instigators.
There must be rules though, I for one say you must post once a day, or you lose your ramen privileges for the whole week.


We could have our own farm, that way we wouldn't need to do as much in terms of buying food in public. I'm sure if we had enough people the work load wouldn't be terrible and we could have a relatively large amount of free time.


Chickens are pretty easy to care for, I used to help feed them and grab eggs as a kid.
You'll pay nearly as much for bug repellent and resources for veggies as you would just buying them I wager.
Also the lack of health insurance will kill you if you ever have a issue.
I'd definitely rather do that than go homeless or have to rent with normal people though. If you guys ever fund our lizranch send me an invite i'll try and wagie with you.

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