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Bury yourself in the ground lizzie
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come chat/watch videos with fellow lizards


Let me guess, it's going to be slow and barely anyone is going to be on it?


bump, get in here


File: 1534349458214.jpg (81.04 KB,600x960,72bdd06388ddc5281e86ace8bc….jpg)

its ok, tried it for a few days


Comfy tbh


bump, get in here lizards


File: 1552453373203.png (92.95 KB,284x201,7ffd2f2513d5720d4de959a3c8….png)

Interesting server…



Isn't this shit against the rules?


Some what but i'll let it slide for just this thread.


Is it just randomly streamed videos with a few others? I'm entering sleep mode but may take a peak tomorrow.


Yea, and you can put your own on as well. Just click the magnifying glass icon under the video to search Youtube or the plus sign to add a URL.


why can't I post anything?


fuck you


You are pushing your luck by bumping a thread like this.

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