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Bury yourself in the ground lizzie
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Where is the /r9k/ of this chan? I need more chans to plan world domination with the other elitists.


File: 1523701805724.jpg (310.82 KB,902x1024,902px-Punishment_sisyph.jpg)

We don't really have an /r9k/ here, or need one for that matter. Planning world domination is too much work, just relax and focus on what you want, whenever you want. This is the liberated lizard way as contrasted with the eternally normie-frustrated robot (and quite possibly wizards at this point), modern Sisyphuses of their own doing.


> plan world domination
I hate normalfags and everything but they are ruining their own world pretty nicely, this life is too temporary to get so invested in a cause like that.
I empathize with r9k posters that are actual virgins with non-brainwashed opinions, but to progress we can incorporate those rules and move away from the name.
Sisyphus is retarded but in a very human way, even the losers of the world can relate to him. Not many smarts but plenty of instinctual endurance.


File: 1523749217690.jpg (122.99 KB,519x742,Yoshitoshi_-_100_Aspects_o….jpg)

I actually very much agree, Sisyphus is really a character that people can sympathize with. The difference though, I think, is that Sisyphus was condemned to his fate for eternity by the gods – he can't do anything else about it now. From the lizard point of view however, I always imagine that like most people we are all initially born, raised, and brought up to believe in Sisyphus' struggle as our own, but then we discover that we can actually walk away at any time.

And for normies, robots, and wizards alike, that is a scary thought if Sisyphus can actually walk away at any time to do what he just wants to do, since it means Sisyphus is no longer a product of the gods but of his own doing, torturing himself on pointless matters. Celibacy is naturally one aspect of this, because the relationships that incels secretly desire is just a chain to bound them to the world instead of abandoning the notion altogether and liberating themselves to true freedom.

As far as warm-bloods ruining their own world goes, no doubt they will continue to ruin it, but I would find it hard to believe that they would actually destroy it, per se. They will make it shitty, but in their ways will never have the guts to permanently end it all – a lot like the Chinese Sisyphus, Wu Gang, who would endlessly chop branches of a tree that just grows back. Warm-bloods will quarrel over which branch to chop, but will never uproot the tree itself. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wu_Gang

Lizards on the other hand, simply sit back and enjoy the fruit of said tree from a distance, neither cutting trees or playing with boulders, just relaxing while he can.


>I need more chans to plan world domination

/pol/ and /int/ are the places where you do that. At /r9k/ you'd only find sadsack incels bitching about not having access to pussy.


Ah I guess i'm just waging on nuclear war, a airborne virus or our curiosity killing them. I watch a lot of media like that though.
I think the longer our race lives the more damage is done, and I don't mean to the environment but to people themselves.
Thanks for the wiki link never heard of this.
I don't think any of them are up for real life challenges non-immediately benefiting to them. Not to say all their posters are bad, most being a step up from normalfags.


gb to reddit xD


>world domination

I would rather set up a commune exclusively for lizards and we will live ourselves out. Don't worry about world domination because normalfags are already doing a pretty good job of killing themselves.

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